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National Register of Historic Places listings in Pope County, Minnesota facts for kids

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Map of Minnesota highlighting Pope County
Location of Pope County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Pope County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Pope County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 12 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. A supplementary list includes two additional sites that were formerly on the National Register.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Ann Bickle House
Ann Bickle House
March 28, 1997
226 E. Minnesota Ave.
45°39′00″N 95°23′08″W / 45.649985°N 95.385683°W / 45.649985; -95.385683 (Ann Bickle House)
Glenwood Home from 1936 to her death of civic leader Ann Bickle (1886–1984), heavily involved in local and state cultural organizations, public health efforts, and wartime homefront preparations. Now a community center.
2 Fremad Association Building
Fremad Association Building
April 1, 1982
2-22 S. Franklin
45°38′58″N 95°23′25″W / 45.649531°N 95.390291°W / 45.649531; -95.390291 (Fremad Association Building)
Glenwood 1919 building of a mercantile cooperative and adjacent 1908 Neoclassical bank, together a hub of local commerce into the mid-20th century.
3 Glenwood Public Library
Glenwood Public Library
April 1, 1982
108 1st Ave.
45°38′57″N 95°23′17″W / 45.6491°N 95.388097°W / 45.6491; -95.388097 (Glenwood Public Library)
Glenwood 1908 Neoclassical library, one of Pope County's most architecturally distinctive buildings and its only Carnegie library.
4 Urjans Iverson House
Urjans Iverson House
February 11, 1982
31039 Minnesota Highway 104
45°27′13″N 95°15′20″W / 45.453655°N 95.255451°W / 45.453655; -95.255451 (Urjans Iverson House)
Sedan vicinity 1866 log cabin associated with the early settlement of Pope County, including its construction from timbers of a short-lived military outpost built after the Dakota War of 1862 and use as a schoolhouse and church beginning in 1869.
5 Little Falls and Dakota Depot
Little Falls and Dakota Depot
May 24, 2006
Depot Ln.
45°36′42″N 95°31′50″W / 45.611793°N 95.530436°W / 45.611793; -95.530436 (Little Falls and Dakota Depot)
Starbuck 1882 train station associated with the expansion of rail lines and European settlement into the region, and the growth of Starbuck as an agricultural trade center.
6 Minnewaska Hospital
Minnewaska Hospital
April 1, 1982
Wollan and 5th Sts.
45°36′44″N 95°31′58″W / 45.612266°N 95.532807°W / 45.612266; -95.532807 (Minnewaska Hospital)
Starbuck Hospital clinic built 1899–1900 for notable local doctor C. R. Christenson (1867–1940). Stood vacant for years and was demolished in January 2013.
7 Northern Pacific Depot
Northern Pacific Depot
October 6, 1983
Off Washington Ave.
45°42′56″N 95°16′10″W / 45.71542°N 95.269554°W / 45.71542; -95.269554 (Northern Pacific Depot)
Villard 1882 railway station associated with the founding of Villard along a new Northern Pacific Railway line.
8 Daniel Pennie House
Daniel Pennie House
April 1, 1982
County Highway 27
45°43′56″N 95°16′36″W / 45.732254°N 95.276715°W / 45.732254; -95.276715 (Daniel Pennie House)
Villard vicinity House of a prominent Pope County settler (1832–1917), built sometime in the 1870s or 80s using a construction method rare in Minnesota: fieldstone covered over with grout.
9 Pope County Courthouse
Pope County Courthouse
April 1, 1982
130 E. Minnesota Ave.
45°38′59″N 95°23′16″W / 45.649831°N 95.387748°W / 45.649831; -95.387748 (Pope County Courthouse)
Glenwood 1930 Beaux-Arts courthouse, long-serving seat of Pope County government and a well-preserved example of that decade's replacements for earlier county courthouses.
10 Sunset Beach Hotel
Sunset Beach Hotel
February 11, 1982
County Highway 17
45°36′51″N 95°24′40″W / 45.614206°N 95.410997°W / 45.614206; -95.410997 (Sunset Beach Hotel)
Glenwood vicinity One of west-central Minnesota's best preserved early resorts, with three buildings constructed 1915, 1927, and 1930 at a longstanding focal point for recreation on Lake Minnewaska.
11 Terrace Historic District
Terrace Historic District
April 1, 1982
Off Minnesota Highway 104
45°30′42″N 95°19′16″W / 45.511745°N 95.321181°W / 45.511745; -95.321181 (Terrace Historic District)
Sedan vicinity Well-preserved example of the small communities that grew up around Minnesota's rural mills in the latter 19th century, with 13 contributing properties built 1870s–1930 including a church, school, general store, mill, and houses.
12 Terrace Mill Historic District
Terrace Mill Historic District
July 17, 1979
Off Minnesota Highway 104
45°30′39″N 95°19′15″W / 45.510817°N 95.320752°W / 45.510817; -95.320752 (Terrace Mill Historic District)
Sedan vicinity 1903 flour mill and four other structures built 1882–1930, exemplifying the small, rural milling operations once common in Minnesota. Also all contributing properties to the Terrace Historic District. Now a non-profit historic attraction.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Lakeside Pavilion
Lakeside Pavilion
December 4, 1998
January 2, 2004
S. Lakeshore Dr. and First Ave. SW
Glenwood 1909 dance pavilion. Burned in 2003, rebuilt as a modern structure in 2007.
2 Lowry Public School
Lowry Public School
April 1, 1982
June 7, 1993
Florence Ave. and Maple St.
Lowry 1902 school. Demolished in 1992.
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