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Map of Illinois highlighting Rock Island County
Location of Rock Island County in Illinois

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Rock Island County, Illinois.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Rock Island County, Illinois, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a map.

There are 23 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including 1 National Historic Landmark.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Black Hawk Museum and Lodge
Black Hawk Museum and Lodge
March 4, 1985
1510 46th Ave.
41°27′51″N 90°34′21″W / 41.464167°N 90.572500°W / 41.464167; -90.572500 (Black Hawk Museum and Lodge)
Rock Island Colonial Revival building that was built as a lodge in a state park. It currently houses the Hauberg Museum.
2 Black's Store
Black's Store
May 28, 1976
1st Ave.
41°33′25″N 90°24′51″W / 41.556944°N 90.414167°W / 41.556944; -90.414167 (Black's Store)
Hampton The largest mercantile store in northwestern Illinois when it opened in the 1840s. The building housed the area's first elevator.
3 Broadway Historic District
Broadway Historic District
August 14, 1998
Roughly bounded by 17th and 23rd Sts., 5th and 7th Aves., Lincoln Court, and 12th and 13th Aves.
41°30′08″N 90°34′18″W / 41.502222°N 90.571667°W / 41.502222; -90.571667 (Broadway Historic District)
Rock Island Historic district with more than 550 Victorian homes and other buildings.
4 Chippiannock Cemetery
Chippiannock Cemetery
May 6, 1994
2901 12th St.
41°28′54″N 90°34′40″W / 41.481667°N 90.577778°W / 41.481667; -90.577778 (Chippiannock Cemetery)
Rock Island Almerin Hotchkiss patterned his design on the Rural Cemetery style of Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts. It contains monuments by Alexander Stirling Calder and Paul de Vigne.
5 Connor House
Connor House
August 11, 1988
702 20th St.
41°30′18″N 90°34′19″W / 41.505°N 90.571944°W / 41.505; -90.571944 (Connor House)
Rock Island An early example of the Queen Anne style in Rock Island. The home is located in the Broadway Historic District.
6 John Deere House
John Deere House
February 5, 2003
1217 11th Ave.
41°30′06″N 90°31′10″W / 41.501667°N 90.519444°W / 41.501667; -90.519444 (John Deere House)
Moline The last home owned by inventor and industrialist John Deere. It was built in the Second Empire style.
7 Denkmann-Hauberg House
Denkmann-Hauberg House
December 26, 1972
1300 24th St.
41°29′33″N 90°34′24″W / 41.4925°N 90.573333°W / 41.4925; -90.573333 (Denkmann-Hauberg House)
Rock Island Prairie School style home designed by Robert C. Spencer. Home to philanthropists John and Susanne (Denkmann) Hauberg
8 Fort Armstrong Hotel
Fort Armstrong Hotel
November 13, 1984
3rd Ave. and 19th St.
41°30′34″N 90°34′23″W / 41.509444°N 90.573056°W / 41.509444; -90.573056 (Fort Armstrong Hotel)
Rock Island Renaissance Revival luxury hotel from the 1920s.
9 Fort Armstrong Theatre
Fort Armstrong Theatre
May 23, 1980
1826 3rd Ave.
41°30′36″N 90°34′18″W / 41.51°N 90.571667°W / 41.51; -90.571667 (Fort Armstrong Theatre)
Rock Island Art Deco movie palace that opened in 1920.
10 LeClaire Hotel
LeClaire Hotel
February 4, 1994
Junction of 19th St. and 5th Ave.
41°30′31″N 90°30′41″W / 41.508611°N 90.511389°W / 41.508611; -90.511389 (LeClaire Hotel)
Moline Fifteen-story Renaissance Revival and Commercial-style hotel that opened in 1915. It was the tallest building in the Quad Cities when it opened.
11 Lincoln School
Lincoln School
August 29, 1985
7th Ave. and 22nd St.
41°30′20″N 90°34′09″W / 41.505556°N 90.569167°W / 41.505556; -90.569167 (Lincoln School)
Rock Island Romanesque Revival school building designed by E.S. Hammatt. It opened in 1893 and ceased being used as a school in 1980. It was located in the Broadway Historic District. It was demolished in 2012.
12 Lock and Dam No. 15 Historic District
Lock and Dam No. 15 Historic District
March 10, 2004
Northwest of Rodman Ave., Twd., on the northwestern tip of Arsenal Island
41°31′04″N 90°33′58″W / 41.517778°N 90.566111°W / 41.517778; -90.566111 (Lock and Dam No. 15 Historic District)
Rock Island The largest roller dam in the world.
13 Moline Downtown Commercial Historic District
Moline Downtown Commercial Historic District
August 30, 2007
Roughly bounded by 12th St. to 18th St., 4th Ave. to 7th Ave.
41°30′25″N 90°30′55″W / 41.506944°N 90.515278°W / 41.506944; -90.515278 (Moline Downtown Commercial Historic District)
Moline Thirty-three-acre section of the Central Business District in Moline. One hundred buildings contribute to its historical significance.
14 Old Main, Augustana College
Old Main, Augustana College
September 11, 1975
7th Ave. between 35th and 38th Sts.
41°30′15″N 90°32′58″W / 41.504167°N 90.549444°W / 41.504167; -90.549444 (Old Main, Augustana College)
Rock Island Renaissance Revival building on the campus of Augustana College. It was built from 1884-1893.
15 Peoples National Bank Building-Fries Building
Peoples National Bank Building-Fries Building
November 22, 1999
1729-1731 and 1723-1727 2nd Ave.
41°30′39″N 90°34′30″W / 41.510833°N 90.575°W / 41.510833; -90.575 (Peoples National Bank Building-Fries Building)
Rock Island Two adjoining commercial buildings in downtown Rock Island. Both were built in the Classical Revival style in the late 19th century.
16 Potter House
Potter House
May 5, 1989
1906 7th Ave.
41°30′18″N 90°34′25″W / 41.505°N 90.573611°W / 41.505; -90.573611 (Potter House)
Rock Island Colonial Revival residence of newspaper owner Minnie Potter. It is located in the Broadway Historic District.
17 Rock Island Arsenal
Rock Island Arsenal
September 30, 1969
Rock Island in the Mississippi River
41°30′58″N 90°32′21″W / 41.516111°N 90.539167°W / 41.516111; -90.539167 (Rock Island Arsenal)
Rock Island Originally the site of Fort Armstrong, it is now the largest government-owned weapons manufacturing arsenal in the United States. Located on an island in the Mississippi River, it served as a prison camp during the American Civil War.
18 Rock Island Lines Passenger Station
Rock Island Lines Passenger Station
June 3, 1982
3029 5th Ave.
41°30′29″N 90°33′20″W / 41.508056°N 90.555556°W / 41.508056; -90.555556 (Rock Island Lines Passenger Station)
Rock Island A Renaissance Revival style train depot that opened in 1901 and closed in 1980. It now serves as a banquet hall.
19 Rock Island National Cemetery
Rock Island National Cemetery
June 13, 1997
0.25 miles north of the southern tip of Rock Island
41°30′46″N 90°31′32″W / 41.512778°N 90.525556°W / 41.512778; -90.525556 (Rock Island National Cemetery)
Rock Island Established as a national cemetery in 1863 during the Civil War. It also contains a separate cemetery for the Confederate prisoners of war who were held on the island.
20 Sala Apartment Building
Sala Apartment Building
August 21, 2003
320-330 19th St.
41°30′32″N 90°34′24″W / 41.508889°N 90.573333°W / 41.508889; -90.573333 (Sala Apartment Building)
Rock Island Renaissance Revival apartment building built in two sections in 1903 and 1913.
21 Stauduhar House
Stauduhar House
March 5, 1982
1609 21st St.
41°29′43″N 90°34′15″W / 41.495278°N 90.570833°W / 41.495278; -90.570833 (Stauduhar House)
Rock Island Home of Rock Island architect George P. Stauduhar, which he designed in 1895.
22 Robert Wagner House
Robert Wagner House
May 15, 1990
904 23rd St.
41°30′08″N 90°34′05″W / 41.502222°N 90.568056°W / 41.502222; -90.568056 (Robert Wagner House)
Rock Island Classical Revival home of a Rock Island brewer and banker. Built in 1904, it is located in the Broadway Historic District.
23 Weyerhaeuser House
Weyerhaeuser House
September 11, 1975
3052 10th Ave.
41°30′05″N 90°33′19″W / 41.501389°N 90.555278°W / 41.501389; -90.555278 (Weyerhaeuser House)
Rock Island Rock Island home of lumber baron Frederick Weyerhaeuser. He bought the house in 1865 and extensively renovated it 1882-1883 in the Second Empire style.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Joseph Huntoon Homestead
May 5, 1978
September 5, 1986
821 16th St.
2 Industrial Home No. 94
November 28, 1978
2100 3rd Ave.
Rock Island
3 General Thomas Rodman House
October 3, 1978
March 16, 1987
2532 8½ Ave.
Rock Island
4 Villa de Chantal Historic District
Villa de Chantal Historic District
May 22, 2005
August 8, 2012
2101 16th Ave.
41°29′55″N 90°34′13″W / 41.498611°N 90.570278°W / 41.498611; -90.570278 (Villa de Chantal Historic District)
Rock Island Former Catholic girls school that opened in this location in 1901. Most of the main building was destroyed in a fire in 2005.
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