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National Register of Historic Places listings in Ware County, Georgia facts for kids

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This is a list of properties and districts in Ware County, Georgia that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.
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Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Obediah Barber Homestead
Obediah Barber Homestead
June 20, 1995
Off Swamp Rd. approximately 7 mi. S of Waycross
31°05′25″N 82°20′45″W / 31.09036°N 82.34581°W / 31.09036; -82.34581 (Obediah Barber Homestead)
Waycross Built in 1870, the main house, kitchen building, and well are on the NRHP. website
2 Downtown Waycross Historic District
Downtown Waycross Historic District
March 20, 1992
Roughly bounded by the Seaboard Coast Line RR tracks and Albany, Isabella, Remshart and Nicholls Sts.
31°12′35″N 82°21′36″W / 31.209722°N 82.36°W / 31.209722; -82.36 (Downtown Waycross Historic District)
Waycross Includes the Post Office, the Phoenix Hotel, and many other buildings
3 First African Baptist Church and Parsonage
First African Baptist Church and Parsonage
April 11, 2003
615 Knight St. and 407 Satilla Blvd.
31°12′37″N 82°20′36″W / 31.21021°N 82.34336°W / 31.21021; -82.34336 (First African Baptist Church and Parsonage)
Waycross Church built ca. 1905, parsonage built ca. 1910
4 Lott Cemetery
Lott Cemetery
July 24, 2008
Bounded by Butler St., Quarterman St., Tebeau St., and Pendleton Pl.
31°13′13″N 82°21′19″W / 31.220325°N 82.35532°W / 31.220325; -82.35532 (Lott Cemetery)
Waycross Established in 1877
5 Phoenix Hotel
Phoenix Hotel
April 17, 1986
201-222 Pendleton St.
31°12′33″N 82°21′37″W / 31.20923°N 82.36014°W / 31.20923; -82.36014 (Phoenix Hotel)
Waycross Built ca. 1890, remodeled in 1913
6 U.S. Post Office and Courthouse
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse
February 1, 1980
605 Elizabeth St.
31°12′34″N 82°21′41″W / 31.20946°N 82.36152°W / 31.20946; -82.36152 (U.S. Post Office and Courthouse)
Waycross Built in 1911, expanded in 1936
7 Waycross Historic District
Waycross Historic District
June 29, 1976
Roughly bounded by Plant Ave., Williams, Lee, Chandler, and Stephen Sts.
31°12′19″N 82°21′16″W / 31.205278°N 82.354444°W / 31.205278; -82.354444 (Waycross Historic District)
Waycross Summerall Tillman Home, Gilmore St.
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