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Map of Minnesota highlighting Waseca County
Location of Waseca County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Waseca County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Waseca County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 12 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. A supplementary list includes one additional site that was formerly on the National Register.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 W. J. Armstrong Company Wholesale Grocers
W. J. Armstrong Company Wholesale Grocers
August 19, 1982
202 2nd St., SW.
44°04′35″N 93°30′33″W / 44.076402°N 93.509237°W / 44.076402; -93.509237 (W. J. Armstrong Company Wholesale Grocers)
Waseca Trackside warehouse built c. 1900, the best preserved building associated with Waseca's economic development as a rail transportation hub.
2 John W. Aughenbaugh House
John W. Aughenbaugh House
August 24, 1982
831 3rd Ave., NE.
44°04′45″N 93°29′41″W / 44.079304°N 93.494744°W / 44.079304; -93.494744 (John W. Aughenbaugh House)
Waseca Waseca's most architecturally prominent house associated with the local milling industry, built in 1897.
3 Philo C. Bailey House
Philo C. Bailey House
November 25, 1994
401 2nd Ave. NE.
44°04′43″N 93°30′11″W / 44.078652°N 93.50296°W / 44.078652; -93.50296 (Philo C. Bailey House)
Waseca House occupied 1872–1907 by a local pioneer, businessman, politician, and civic leader (1828–1907) involved in an unusually wide range of activities during Waseca's early development. Now houses the research library of the Waseca County Historical Society.
4 Hofmann Apiaries
Hofmann Apiaries
January 19, 2016
4661 420th Ave.
44°10′04″N 93°40′25″W / 44.167778°N 93.673611°W / 44.167778; -93.673611 (Hofmann Apiaries)
Janesville Unusually intact apiary with ten contributing properties from the period 1907–1933; one of the Upper Midwest's leading honey producers and widely recognized for its innovative beekeeping and processing techniques.
5 Janesville Free Public Library
Janesville Free Public Library
August 19, 1982
102 W. 2nd St.
44°07′03″N 93°42′28″W / 44.117501°N 93.707882°W / 44.117501; -93.707882 (Janesville Free Public Library)
Janesville Well-preserved 1912 example of a Carnegie library, also noted for its Neoclassical architecture.
6 Seha Sorghum Mill
Seha Sorghum Mill
June 4, 1979
County Highway 5
44°11′38″N 93°39′00″W / 44.193801°N 93.650032°W / 44.193801; -93.650032 (Seha Sorghum Mill)
Janesville vicinity Minnesota's only surviving sorghum syrup mill, active c. 1904–1956, and a symbol of the region's agriculture and industry.
7 Strangers Refuge Lodge Number 74, IOOF
Strangers Refuge Lodge Number 74, IOOF
July 12, 2006
119 S. Broadway Ave.
43°53′36″N 93°29′37″W / 43.893445°N 93.493524°W / 43.893445; -93.493524 (Strangers Refuge Lodge Number 74, IOOF)
New Richland 1902 Independent Order of Odd Fellows hall, home of a large and important local fraternal organization and a key venue for a wide range of other groups and events. Now houses the New Richland Public Library.
8 Vista Lutheran Church
Vista Lutheran Church
November 8, 1982
North of New Richland off Minnesota Highway 13
43°57′26″N 93°27′57″W / 43.957236°N 93.465961°W / 43.957236; -93.465961 (Vista Lutheran Church)
New Richland vicinity 1908 church, the best preserved symbol of Waseca County's principal Swedish American settlement, established in 1857.
9 Roscoe P. Ward House
Roscoe P. Ward House
August 19, 1982
804 E. Elm Ave.
44°04′38″N 93°29′47″W / 44.077173°N 93.496427°W / 44.077173; -93.496427 (Roscoe P. Ward House)
Waseca Prominent 1896 house of a local leader in politics and finance.
10 Waseca County Courthouse
Waseca County Courthouse
September 2, 1982
307 N. State St.
44°04′47″N 93°30′28″W / 44.079816°N 93.507784°W / 44.079816; -93.507784 (Waseca County Courthouse)
Waseca 1897 courthouse, significant as the home of the county's government and for the role that achieving county seat status had on the development of the city.
11 William R. Wolf House
William R. Wolf House
August 24, 1982
522 2nd Ave., NE.
44°04′42″N 93°30′01″W / 44.07824°N 93.500371°W / 44.07824; -93.500371 (William R. Wolf House)
Waseca Waseca's best-preserved example—built c. 1895—of a successful merchant's house and of Queen Anne architecture. Now a bed and breakfast.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Seth S. Phelps Farmhouse
October 21, 1982
June 9, 1993
County Highway 2
Waseca vicinity 1869 Italianate farmhouse. Demolished in the 1990s.
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