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Nemadactylus macropterus
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Nemadactylus macropterus, commonly known as the tarakihi or jackass morwong, is a morwong of the genus Nemadactylus, found off southern Australia, the Atlantic coast of South America, and New Zealand to depths of about 400 m, on all types of bottoms. Its length is between 30 and 60 cm. They were first found on the south-western coast of the North Islands in 1963-72. It is ranked second on the total of New Zealand wet fish but very little is known about them.

The maximum lifespan is approximately 35 years, and maturation is obtained at the age of 3-6 years (Smolenski, A., 2003). They spawn from the periods of February to June (Bruce, B. 2001). The young N.macropterus are found in high density in the inner and mid shelf, while the adults reside on the outer continental shelf (Hall, N. 2010).

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