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Nuzzle and Scratch
Created by Barry Quinn and Alan Robinson
Written by Various writers including: Matt Lyons, Karen Ward, Adrian Poynton, Robbie Sims, Dominic MacDonald, Stephen Cannon, Diana Hinshelwood, Simon Davies, Barry Quinn and Tony Reed
Directed by Jack Jameson
Anna Perowne
Starring Neil Sterenberg
Dave Chapman
Eve De Leon Allen
Opening theme "Nuzzle and Scratch"
Ending theme "Nuzzle and Scratch"
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 40 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Tony Reed
Cinematography Tom Hayward
Editor(s) Eve Blackwood
David Horwell
Camera setup Unknown
Running time 20 mins (approx)
Production company(s) BBC
Distributor CBeebies
Original network CBeebies
Picture format Colour
Audio format Stereo
First shown in United Kingdom
Original release 1 September 2008 (2008-09-01) – 4 September 2010 (2010-09-04)

Nuzzle and Scratch is a British children's television programme, shown on CBeebies.

It stars two eponymous puppet alpacas created and developed by Barry Quinn and Alan Robinson and written by various writers.


The show starts with a beautiful scene of the Andes which is where Nuzzle and Scratch are originally from: (We're from high up in the Andes, we've got hooves instead of handies) Each episode follows the same format, Nuzzle and Scratch work for '2 by 2, the Any Animal Agency'. run by The Boss, a tough-talking girl. She receives a phone call from someone who is in desperate need of some assistance. Unfortunately all her hard working animals are out already and the only free hands (or hooves) available are the two alpacas Nuzzle and Scratch. The Boss knows they aren't any good so is reluctant to send them, but there is usually some misunderstanding over the phone and they end up getting the job. Nuzzle and Scratch mess up and the person rings the Boss to complain. She convinces them to 'give them another chance' and Nuzzle and Scratch normally turn things around and really impress the person who hired them. They often win a rosette or get offered a permanent job but refuse leading them to go on their next assignment.

Nuzzle and Scratch like to climb mountains and will go up anything that looks like a mountain e.g. piles of clothes. However, Nuzzle is scared of heights and when he climbs to the top he gets scared and Scratch has to save him.

Alpacas like to herd. When Nuzzle and Scratch see a lot of things, or if they get scared, they say 'herd up' and begin herding.

At some point in the episode, someone will say that they need to 'start from Scratch'. Nuzzle gets upset about this and asks why can't they start from Nuzzle. Usually the person is very confused but agrees to 'start from Nuzzle' instead. In the painting and decorating episode, Scratch complains that they always 'start from Nuzzle', and they actually do 'start from Scratch'.

Nuzzle and Scratch have some catchphrases:- 'Is it snack time yet?', 'No job's too easy', 'Working can be fun'.


Main Characters

The main characters appear in every episode.


Nuzzle (performed by Neil Sterenberg) is a white alpaca that likes to climb mountains, but doesn't like heights. He saves a lot of other characters in the episodes. He doesn't like starting from "Scratch" and wants to start from "Nuzzle".


Scratch (performed by Dave Chapman) is a brown alpaca that mainly likes whatever. He likes telling Nuzzle what to do and usually gets Nuzzle in trouble.

The Boss

The Boss (played by Eve de Leon Allen) is the young girl who sends Nuzzle and Scratch to the job.

Other characters

The other characters appear in very few episodes. This is a list of other characters:

Character name Occupation/Role Episode No. of episodes Notes
Bob Sheen Window cleaner Window Cleaner 1 Played by Angus Kennedy
Terry Towling Lifeguard Swimming Pool 1 Played by Ortis Deley
Clarissa Snips Hairdresser Hairdresser 1 Played by Annemarie Gaillard.
Mr. Sandy Bottom Beach attendant Beach Attendant 1 Played by Ian Kirkby
Nora Dinner Lady Dinner Ladies 1 Played by Sally Bankes
Mr Haddock School Caretaker School Caretaker 1
David Potterfield Magician Magician 1
Mr. Merryweather Scout Leader Camping 1
Ms Winner Gym Teacher Sports Day 1 Played by Lucy Jane Bowen
Mr Campbell Supermarket worker Supermarket 1
Whippety Whips Lady Ice Cream Seller Ice Cream Van 1 Played by Tara Strong
Mr Squeaky Launderette Man Laundry 1 Played by Nick Wilton
pearl Cinema Manager Cinema 1
Trevor Lodge Hotel Manager Hotel 1 Played by Tony Jayawardena
Trevor Perks Special Celebrity Hotel 1
TBC Mayor Beach Attendant
2 The mayor appears in the two episodes but is played by different actors. Played by George Claves in Hotel
Bill Painter and decorator Painting and Decorating 1 Played by Rod Arthur
Mr parkkeeper Park Keeper Mr Tumble Park Keeper 1
Mr summers Theme Park Manager Theme Park 1
TBC Librarian Library 1
Mr parkkeeper Car wash Car wash 1 Played by Ryan Lewendon


Theme Tune

''Here we are Nuzzle and Scratch
Best by far Nuzzle and Scratch
We're alpacas from the Andes
With hooves instead of handies
No two others can match Nuzzle and Scratch
Nuzzle and Scratch!''

Hoof and safety

Here we are Nuzzle and Scratch

Best by far Nuzzle and Scratch

We're alpacas safety rangers

Investigating dangers

No two others can match Nuzzle and Scratch

Nuzzle and Scratch!'

Other Songs

Working can be fun
'Working can be fun,
Getting somethings done,
Get set go
And don't be slow
The work has just begun
Whatever job we do,
There's laughter all day through
We must confess we make a mess
When starting something new,'
'Working hard'
'Working hard, its good to get it done
Working hard, its good to get it done
If you want stuff doing, nuzzle and scratch are number one


Series One. No. of Series Episodes
1 20
2 20

Episode List

Nuzzle (performed by Neil Sterenberg), Scratch (performed by Dave Chapman) and The Boss (Eve De Leon Allen) appear in all of the episodes. These do not appear in the 'Other Credits' column.

# Title Person Called Job Overview Start From Other Credits
Series 1: 2008-2009
1 Window Cleaner Bob Sheen (Window Cleaner) Helping a window cleaner get windows clean Nuzzle and Scratch help out window cleaner Bob Sheen and make quite a splash. When they are trying to clean the

window off the new shop, Nuzzle falls off the ladder and rubs his fur against the window, which makes it clean.

Scratch Bob Sheen: Angus Kennedy
2 Swimming Pool Terry Towling (Lifeguard) Helping get ready for a swimming gala Nuzzle and Scratch make quite a splash when they help lifeguard Terry Towling get ready for a swimming gala. While trying to swim, Nuzzle saves the Mayor when she fell into the water, by Scratch's "herding" and the Mayor awards Nuzzle "the best lifeguard" rosette. Scratch TBA
3 Hairdresser Clarissa Snips (Hairdresser) Getting a hairdresser ready for customers Playing hair gel hockey and dying her customers' hair blue is not what Clarissa Snips expected when she employed Nuzzle and Scratch to help out at her hairdressing salon. But the boy is so pleased with his great hair-do he tells all his friends and the hairdressing salon soon has a long queue of children. Scratch Clarissa Snips: Annemarie Gaillard
4 Beach Attendant Mr. Sandy Bottom (Beach Attendant) Getting ready for a sandcastle competition Helping beach attendant Mr. Sandy Bottom is more like a holiday than working as far as Nuzzle and Scratch are concerned, especially as they're able to get Mr. Sandy Bottom to do most of the work. While Nuzzle and Scratch are thinking what sandcastle to make for the competition the mayor loses his gold chain. Nuzzle eventually finds it. Scratch Mr Sandy Bottom: Ian Kirkby
5 Cinema TBA (Cinema Manager) Getting a cinema ready for a school visit Nuzzle and Scratch help out at the local cinema, but when they treat the new film as a frisbee, they decide to make their own film. Scratch TBA
6 Dinner Ladies Nora (Dinner Lady) Helping a dinner lady make lunch Nuzzle and Scratch help a dinner lady make lunch, but then put furballs in the food. Scratch Nora: Sally Bankes
7 Laundry TBA (Laundrette Man) Helping out at the laundrette Nuzzle and Scratch help out at the laundrette. They wash the dry-clean only fancy dress costumes and they shrink. But the Boss is happy as the costumes are just the right size for her. Scratch Launderette Man: Nick Wilton
8 The School Caretakers Mr Haddock (School Caretaker) Helping a school caretaker While trying to help the school caretaker, Nuzzle and Scratch get in trouble. They buff the school floor too much and make it really slippery. Scratch Mr Haddock: Julian Dutton
9 Hotel TBA (Hotel Manager) Getting a room ready for a special celebrity Nuzzle and Scratch help at the Hotel Majestic. They get a room ready for a celebrity, but "mess" it up. When the celebrity walks in, she loves it. Scratch Hotel Manager/Special Celebrity: Tony Jayawardena
Mayor: George Glaves
10 Magician David Potterfield (Magician) Helping a magician When the Boss hears that magician, David Potterfield, can make anything disappear she is more than happy to send Nuzzle and Scratch along to help out. Scratch Magician: Josh Elwell
11 Camping Mr Merryweather (Scout Leader) Helping a camp leader Adventure camp leader Mr. Merryweather finds himself getting very muddy and covered in fur balls when Nuzzle and Scratch are employed to be his new assistants. However, when the camp leader oversleeps, he wakes to find that Nuzzle and Scratch have done all the activities with the children and he is very pleased. Scratch Scout Leader: Andrew Barclay
12 Sports Day Ms Winner (Gym Teacher) Getting ready for a sports day Nuzzle and Scratch are supposed to be organizing the school sports day, but one of their first hurdles is what type of egg to use for the egg and spoon race. Should it be fried or scrambled? The last race is the pupil/teacher race which so far, the sports teacher has always won, however Nuzzle substitutes for one of the children and wins the prize.
  • This is the only episode where they need to 'start from Nuzzle'.
Scratch Ms Winner: Lucy Jane Bowen
13 TBA (Painter and Decorater) Painting the Boss's flat Nuzzle and Scratch are employed to help decorate the Boss's flat - they had better not mess up this time! They cause so much trouble the painter cannot get the work done and when the Boss arrives to inspect the work, Nuzzle and Scratch quickly try to paint the whole room but flick paint splatters all over the wall, the Boss however, loves it as it matches her new picture she bought. Nuzzle Painter and Decorator: Rod Arthur
14 Ice Cream Van Whippety Whips Lady (Ice Cream Seller) Working an ice-cream van When Nuzzle and Scratch work the ice cream van, they get a little more ice cream than they'd bargained for. The Whippety Whips lady is pleased with them until she opens the ice cream van door and gets covered in ice cream. Whippety Whips Lady: Tara Strong
15 Orchestra TBA Playing in an orchestra. Nuzzle and Scratch are employed to play in an orchestra, but the conductor is unimpressed when they play their instruments. The conductor accidentally gets trapped and misses the performance. Nuzzle and Scratch are trying to swot a fly and unintentionally conduct the orchestra beautifully. TBA
16 Park Keeper TBA (Park Keeper) Getting rid of moles in the local park Nuzzle and Scratch are employed to help rid a park of moles, but the park keeper soon realizes he has added to his pest problems. In the end, they realize that the moles don't like noise and they complete the task that was set. Park Keeper: Michael Grinter
17 Rugby (Car wash) Helping a Car wash Nuzzle and Scratch are supposed to be doing the Car wash for all other adults to clean cars Rugby Coach: Wayne Forester
18 Supermarket Mr Campbell (TBA) Helping on the checkouts Nuzzle and Scratch dream of working on the checkouts at the supermarket, but they need to earn their happy helper badges first. Mr Campbell: Richard Sutton
19 Theme Park TBA (Theme Park Manager) Helping out at a theme park When a special celebrity (Mr Tumble) arrives to open the theme park, Nuzzle and Scratch certainly give him the ride of his life. Theme Park Manager: Aidan Cook
20 Library TBA (Librarian) Helping at the library Nuzzle and Scratch enjoy working at the library, but the librarian is not quite sure about them when she catches Scratch trying to file the books with a nail file. The children love Nuzzle and Scratch story time and the librarian begs them to stay, but they never do as they have to get back to the Boss to 'help' her out with more jobs. TBA
Series 2


A spin-off called "Hoof and Safety With Nuzzle And Scratch" premiered airing on CBeebies on 1 March 2010. It ran for 13 episodes every day except Wednesday until 22 March 2010. A Second Spin-off Nuzzle and Scratch: Frock and Roll premiered on CBeebies on 7 February 2011. It ran for 20 episodes and ended on 4 March 2011.

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