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Object could mean:

  • Object (philosophy), a thing, being or concept
  • Object (grammar), a sentence element, such as a direct object or an indirect object
  • Object (task), an aim, target or objective
  • Object (physics), a collection of masses
  • Object, an entity treated by mathematical category theory
  • 3D model, a representation of a physical object
  • Object (National Register of Historic Places), a classification used by the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.
  • (As a verb, pronounced: ob-JECT): to make an objection, to say that one disagrees with something.


  • Object (computer science), a language mechanism for binding data with methods that operate on that data
  • Object file, the output of a compiler or other translator program (also known as "object code")
  • Object (Information Processing), an information source for an Information Processor
  • HTML object tag

Popular culture

  • "Object", a song by The Cure from their 1979 album Three Imaginary Boys
  • Objects from the 2006 television series The Lost Room

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