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A parallel universe is a universe that is different from the observable universe. This may be due to time travel or other things.

Science, physics and philosophy

  • Multiverse,: the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes
  • The many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics


  • Parallel universe (fiction), alternative universes, worlds, realities and dimensions in fiction
  • Alternative universe (fan fiction), fiction by fan authors that deliberately change facts of the universe written about
  • List of fiction employing parallel universes


  • Parallel Universe (4hero album)
  • Parallel Universe (Garnet Crow album)
  • "Parallel Universe" (song), a 2000 song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Kalakala: Songs from a Parallel Universe (with a song cycle for solo cello by Serena Tideman)

Literature, movies, & television

  • "Parallel Universe" (Red Dwarf), a 1988 episode of Red Dwarf
  • Parallel Universes (documentary), a 2001 BBC/Horizon documentary movie
  • Mirror Universe (Star Trek), a fictional parallel universe in which several Star Trek television episodes take place


  • Parallel Universe (company), a movie company


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