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Pellet is a term used for a small particle or grain, typically one created by compressing an original material. The term is used in a variety of specific contexts.

  • Air gun pellets are non-spherical projectiles fired from air guns
  • Airsoft pellets are the spherical plastic projectiles used in Airsoft guns
  • The individual items of "shot" fired from a shotgun, are referred to as pellets
  • In centrifugation, a pellet is the concentrated component of a mixture that had been centrifuged
  • Animal feed pellets are feedstuffs produced from various raw materials and additives
  • Plastic resin pellet, or nurdle
  • Bird pellets are the round balls of undigested matter that some bird species occasionally regurgitate
  • Wood pellets or corn pellets are used in pellet stoves
  • Pelletizing is the industrial process used to create pellets - often using a pellet mill
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