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Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters
Princess Academy The Forgotten Sisters.jpg
The cover art for The Forgotten Sisters
Author Shannon Hale
Cover artist Jason Chan
Country United States
Language English
Series Princess Academy
Genre Fantasy
Published Bloomsbury USA, 2015
Pages 326
Preceded by Princess Academy: Palace of Stone 

Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters is a fantasy novel written by Shannon Hale and published by Bloomsbury USA in 2015. It is the third and final installment of the Princess Academy series, preceded by Princess Academy: Palace of Stone. It follows the story of Miri Larendaughter, who becomes a tutor to three royal cousins in a new princess academy in the swampy land of Lesser Alva.


Miri is about to leave Asland to return home to Mount Eskel when she is summoned by the king, who explains that the neighboring kingdom of Eris has been conquered by Stora. In order to secure a good relationship with Stora and avoid war, the king has decided to establish a princess academy and offer a bride to Stora's King Fader. He asks Miri to travel to Lesser Alva, where three of his cousins live, to be their tutor and prepare them to come to Asland and meet the king. She agrees to do so, but only if she and the other graduates of Mount Eskel's Princess Academy become the owners of the land in their province. The king agrees, and Miri travels to Lesser Alva, a swampy area of Danland. She meets the three royal cousins - Astrid, Felissa, and Susanna, nicknamed "Sus." The girls hunt and fish to survive; their promised money from the king stopped coming when their mother died. Miri finally helps them banish the man who has been stealing their money. Now that they are able to buy food, they have time to learn how to read, and Miri establishes a princess academy in their small linder home in the swamp. The sisters become sad when they learn that one of them must marry a 72-year-old king. Meanwhile, Miri writes letters to Peder and to Marda, her sister, that are never received. Peder has left Mount Eskel to search for Miri and see if she is safe.

Then, Storan soldiers invade Lesser Alva. Miri, Astrid, Felissa, and Sus try to keep the sisters' royal identities a secret from the troops. When Miri tries to help a man the soldiers execute, they capture her; but she is rescued by a man named Dogface - one of the bandits that had held her hostage when she was at the princess academy on Mount Eskel. He tells her to figure out a way to free Lesser Alva, cuts her hair to change her appearance, and frees her. Later that night, Peder arrives and informs the girls that Stora has successfully invaded Asland. He helps them escape via a pirate ship. When they are intercepted by Storan sailors, Astrid pretends to be one of King Fader's daughters and successfully convinces the Storans. When the ship arrives in Asland, the five of them jump overboard and retreat from the Storans. They break into the palace and find Queen Sabet, who immediately recognizes Astrid, Felissa, and Sus as the daughters she was forced to give away. Miri discovers that they are indeed princesses, Astrid being Steffan's twin, born first. Then, as planned, Miri and Britta escort the sisters to meet King Fader, only to learn that he has died. The Storans are planning a secret attack on the palace in order to kill Danland's King Bjorn, and Miri quarry-speaks to Peder to warn him. It works, and the Storans find the palace empty, but they plan to use the girls as bait to lure the king into a trap. Miri, Britta, Astrid, Felissa, and Sus are thrown into a cell and treated horribly by the Storans. They then meet King Fader's son, Kaspar, who has become the next king of Stora. He and Sus are close in age, and Sus proposes that they become betrothed in order to stop this war. Kaspar accepts, and a peace treaty is signed. The girls join up with the royals and Peder and return to the palace. Queen Sabet dismisses the chief delegate who took her daughters away from her. They are welcomed into the palace, and Steffan bestows the crown on Astrid, who is the first-born in the family. Miri and Peder return home to Mount Eskel. Miri is reunited with her Pa and Marda, and tells them that the king has given the graduates of the princess academy ownership of Mount Eskel. The village celebrates, and Miri and Peder become betrothed.


In the first Princess Academy novel, Miri learned how to communicate non-verbally using the linder stone cut from Mount Eskel. Quarry workers use this "quarry-speech" to warn each other of dangers amidst the noise of their chisels and mallets. Miri discovered that quarry-speech operates by bringing the participants' past memories to their attention in order to alert them to events of the present. Because she and the other Eskelites have linder in their bones - after breathing in its dust and drinking water containing it - they are able to quarry-speak whenever they come in contact with linder. The "lowlanders" - those not from Mount Eskel - are unable to detect the messages. However, in Palace of Stone, Miri learns that the royal family is capable of a different kind of quarry-speech called "linder-wisdom." After living for centuries in palaces made entirely out of linder, they learned how to use its magical properties to detect the feelings of others. In Forgotten Sisters, Miri notices that the sisters have this ability, and Astrid, Felissa, and Sus use it to their advantage.

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