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The Queen's Gambit Declined is a chess opening which starts with 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6. It is an old opening, and one of the most important. It is often used in top-class play. In this opening, called QGD for short, the struggle for the centre is the strategy of both players. Unlike the Queen's Gambit Accepted, Black keeps his pawn on d5 protected. A simple example:

Start of chess board.
a8 black rook b8 __ c8 black bishop d8 black queen e8 __ f8 black rook g8 black king h8 __
a7 black pawn b7 black pawn c7 __ d7 black knight e7 black bishop f7 black pawn g7 black pawn h7 __
a6 __ b6 __ c6 black pawn d6 __ e6 __ f6 black knight g6 __ h6 black pawn
a5 __ b5 __ c5 __ d5 black pawn e5 __ f5 __ g5 __ h5 __
a4 __ b4 __ c4 __ d4 white pawn e4 __ f4 __ g4 __ h4 white bishop
a3 __ b3 __ c3 white knight d3 white bishop e3 white pawn f3 white knight g3 __ h3 __
a2 white pawn b2 white pawn c2 __ d2 __ e2 __ f2 white pawn g2 white pawn h2 white pawn
a1 white rook b1 __ c1 __ d1 white queen e1 __ f1 white rook g1 white king h1 __
End of chess board.
position after 10...Bh4
1.d4 d5
2.c4 e6
3.Nc3 Nf6
4.Bg5 Be7
5.e3 0-0
6.Nf3 c6
7.cxd5 exd5
8.Bd3 Nbd7 (Black could play 8...Ne4 here)
9.0-0 h6

Here White has more space, and Black has to decide how to develop his pieces. It is easier to play the white pieces in this kind of position. However, overall, black players do as well with this defence as with most others. Best for Black in this position is 10...Ne4 or 10...Re8.

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