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REM World is a fantasy/science fiction novel by Rodman Philbrick about a boy who orders a device that will help him lose weight, and when using it he enters a world where he will not only lose weight, but go on the biggest adventure of his life. Other books made by Rodman Philbrick are Freak the Mighty, Max the Mighty, and The Last Book in the Universe. The title comes from the 4th stage of sleep (a.k.a. Rapid Eye Movement).

Plot summary

Arthur Woodbury is very tired of being overweight and being called "Biscuit Butt". The reason he is overweight is that his father died and he is very sad, even though he lives with his mom and grandma. So he orders the REM sleep device which will help him lose weight. After reading the first side of the instructions, he falls asleep and enters REM World. Feeling ripped off, he throws the device off, but after meeting his guide Morf, a small furry creature that can change form, he realizes that he need to find the device, or else the whole world will be swallowed by an evil darkness. On his quest, he meets frog people, giants, cloud people, killer birds, and an evil demon. After finding the device and learning his life should not end because of a lost loved one and that imagination is important, he comes home and has lost a lot of weight. From now on, he is now called "Courage" rather than "Biscuit Butt".

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