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Restoration may refer to:

  • In art, returning something to a better state, see art conservation and restoration
  • In history, a restoration is a historical episode under which a previous government of an area is reinstated (see also: Restauration)
    • The English Restoration, after which is named the HMS Restoration
    • A period in the History of France, the Bourbon Restoration after 1814
    • The Spanish Restoration
    • The Swiss Restoration known as the Restauration (Switzerland) after the fall of Napoleon in 1814
    • The Restoration period in Germany after the failed revolution of 1848
    • Meiji Restoration, a period in Japanese history after 1866
  • In literature and media:
    • Restoration (Tremain novel), a 1989 novel by Rose Tremain set during the English Revolution
    • Restoration (novel), a 2002 novel by Carol Berg
    • The Restoration (movie), a 1909 movie by D.W. Griffith, based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky
    • Restoration (movie), a 1995 movie set after the English Revolution starring Robert Downey Jr
    • Restoration (TV series), a BBC TV show in the UK highlighting buildings at risk
    • Restoration (newspaper), a Catholic newspaper published by the Madonna House Apostolate
  • In Christianity:
    • Restoration of a person. An example of this can be found in John 21:15-19 where Peter is restored by Christ
    • Restorationism was a religious movement in 19th century eastern United States and Canada
  • In architecture, building restoration consists of work performed on a building in order to return it to a previous state of conservation, from which...
  • In ecology, restoration represents the return of a landscape, ecosystem, or other ecological entity to a predefined historical state. See Restoration Ecology
  • In criminal justice, restoration is another term for restorative justice
  • In telecommunications, circuit restoration, action taken to repair and return to service one or more telecommunications services
  • In dentistry Dental restoration, the shaped replacement material for lost tooth structure
  • Restoration of vehicles, furniture, appliances, equipment, etc.
  • Restoration Branches, independent organizations that have left the Community of Christ
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