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Romanization or Latinization of Ukrainian refers to a system for showing the Ukrainian letter in Latin letters. Latin letters are the type that are currently used for this article.

Latinization may be used to show Ukrainian text or pronunciation for non-Ukrainian readers.

There are two different kinds of Romanization. These methods are transliteration, representing written text, and transcription, representing the spoken words.


Transliteration is the letter-for-letter representation of text using Latin writing system.

International scholarly system

Also called scientific transliteration, this system is most often seen in linguistic publications on slavic languages. It is meaning each character represents one meaningful unit of sound, and is based on the Croatian Latin alphabet.


Transcription is the representation of the spoken word. Phonetic transcription represents every single sound, or phone, and can be used to compare different dialects of a language. It is more specifed as the Transliteration.

Table of latinization Ukrainian letters

Common systems for latinization Ukrainian
Cyrillic Scholarly Nationala French German
А а a a a a
Б б b b b b
В в v v v w
Г г h h, ghb h h
Ґ ґ g g g g
Д д d d d d
Е е e e e e
Є є je ie, yec ie je
Ж ж ž zh j sh
З з z z z s
И и y y y y
І і i i i i
Ї ї ji i, yic ï, yi ji
Й й j i, yc i j
К к k k k k
Л л l l l l
М м m m m m
Н н n n n n
О о o o o o
П п p p p p
Р р r r r r
С с s s s s, ss
Т т t t t t
У у u u ou u
Ф ф f f f f
Х х x or ch kh kh ch
Ц ц c ts ts z
Ч ч č ch tch tsch
Ш ш š sh ch sch
Щ щ šč sch chtch schtsch
Ю ю ju iu, yuc iou ju
Я я ja ia, yac ia ja
Ь ь
  • Transliteration can be rendered in a simplified form:
    • Doubled consonants ж, х, ц, ч, ш are simplified, for example Запоріжжя→Zaporizhia.
    • Apostrophe and soft sign are omitted, except for ьо and ьї which are always rendered as ’o and ’i.

b. gh is used in the romanization of зг (zgh), avoiding confusion with ж (zh).
c. The second variant is used at the beginning of a word.

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