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Ryuk is a Shinigami (God of Death) in the Death Note franchise. The character has been created by the writer Tsugumi Ohba and the illustrator Takeshi Obata of Death Note Manga series. It is Ryuk who starts the events of the manga and other Adaptations. Ryuk was completely bored with his daily life and wanted something interesting to relieve his Boredom. So Ryuk throws one of his death notes into the human World. This death note is picked up by a high school student Light Yagami.

Light Yagami decides to use this notebook to kill all the criminals in the world and become the king of the new world. The whole series then revolves around the rivalry between Light and L Lawliet (world's best detective) in the first part of Manga।


Ryuk has a humanoid body. His eyes are big, round and yellow. His hairs are spanky and his teeth are pointed. His skin is greyish-blue and lips are blue-grey. Also, Ryuk wears rings in his fingers.


Ryuk is a selfish character who wouldn't do anything unless he has some benefit from it. Light Yagami knows this and that's why he often bribes Ryuk with apples (that Ryuk loves) to get something done. Further, Ryuk likes the apples of human world because the apples of his realm are withered. They taste like sand. Many times Ryuk is seen hiding something from Light.

Ryuk is shy of girl. It is clearly seen when Misa hugs Ryuk out of excitement when she regains her memories.

"Humans are so interesting". - Ryuk

When Light Yagami begins to use death note to kill criminals, Ryuk visits him for the first time. Also, Ryuk tells him that no one in the past has ever used a death note like that. He also says that humans are very interesting.

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