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Saint James could mean any of the following:


  • Several men mentioned in the New Testament:
    • James, son of Zebedee, an apostle, brother of John the Apostle, venerated at Santiago de Compostela
    • James (son of Alphaeus), an apostle, brother of Matthew the Evangelist
    • James the Less, son of Clopas and Mary of Clopas, often identified with the son of Alphaeus
    • James the Just, the brother of Jesus, head of the early Christian Church in Jerusalem
  • James the Deacon, 7th century missionary to England
  • James the Confessor, Bishop of Catania in the 8th Century [1]
  • Rebecca St. James, Christian pop and rock artist


In transportation,

  • Saint James station (disambiguation), several railway stations around the world

In the United States:

  • St. James, Maryland
  • St. James, Minnesota
  • St. James, Missouri
  • St. James, New York
  • Saint James Parish, Louisiana
  • The St. James Theatre, on Broadway in New York City
  • St. James Court Art Show in Louisville, Kentucky
  • St. James Catholic Church in Vancouver, Washington
  • St. James Middle School, a school in Horry County in South Carolina
  • St. James High School, also a school in Horry County in South Carolina

In the United Kingdom:

  • St. James's Palace, London
    • Court of St. James's, London
    • St. James's Park, London
  • St James' Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, home of football club Newcastle United.
  • St James Park, football stadium in Exeter
  • St. James' Church, Clitheroe
  • St James, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • St James's University Hospital, Leeds, a teaching hospital

Other nations:

  • St James, Western Australia
  • Saint James Parish, Barbados
  • St. James (electoral district), defunct electoral district in Canada
  • Saint James Parish, Jamaica
  • Saint-James, France
  • St. James' School, Kolkata, India
  • Saint James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Malta
  • St. James Theatre (Wellington), New Zealand
  • St James, Cape Town, South Africa
  • St James Power Station, Singapore

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