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Sami literature has been written at least since 1673.

Prose (in Sami language) has been written since 1910.


Johan Turi, Muitalus sámiid birra
A drawing of reindeer farming; from the first known prose in a Sami language. The drawing was done by Johan Turi, in his book: ("a story about the life of the Sami") Muitalus samiid birra.

The first prose (in a Sami language) came in 1910: ["a story about the life of the Sami ]" Muitalus samiid birra. It was written by a wolf hunter, Johan Turi. The financing of the book, was by a Swedish captain of industry, Hjalmar Lundbohm(en).

The first novel (in a Sami language) came in 1912: ["dawn"] Beaivi-álgu - by Anders Larsen.

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