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"Satchan (サッちゃん, Sat-chan or Sa-chan)" is a Japanese children's song composed in 1959 and is well known there. Its lyrics were written by Hiroo Sakata (阪田寛夫, Sakata Hiroo) and the music was composed by Megumi Ōnaka (大中恩, Ōnaka Megumi).

The name Satchan is a diminutive form of the name Sachiko and is used mostly for young girls as opposed to older ones. Diminutive forms such as these can—but do not always—carry a comical connotation, so "Satchan" isn't merely a name like "Jenny;" it can be more like "Jenny girl" or "Jenny pie." Unlike in the English-speaking world, however, diminutive forms of children's names are used more often than not when referring to or speaking to children.

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