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Score or scorer may refer to:

  • Test score, the result of an exam or test


  • Score Digital, now part of Bauer Radio
  • Score Entertainment, a former American trading card design and manufacturing company
  • Score Media, a former Canadian media company


  • Score (statistics), a quantity in statistics
  • Score, the number twenty (20); see also vigesimal
  • Raw score, an original datum that has not been transformed
  • Score test, a statistical test
  • Scorer's function, solutions to differential equations
  • Standard score, a quantity derived from the raw score

Science and technology

  • Single colour reflectometry, an optical technique for monitoring biomolecular interactions

Arts, entertainment, and media

  • Event score, written or printed instructions for a visual art performance
  • Musical score


  • Score (1974 movie), an American adult movie
  • Score (2016 movie), a documentary movie
  • Score: A Hockey Musical, a 2010 Canadian musical movie


  • Movie score, original music written specifically to accompany a movie.


  • Score (Randy Brecker album), 1969
  • Score (Paul Haslinger album), 1999
  • Score (Carol Lloyd album), 1979
  • Score (Dream Theater album), 2006
  • Score (2Cellos album), 2017


  • Score, a football comic which became Scorcher in 1971

Sports and games

  • Score (game), a number of points achieved in a game
  • Score (sport), a number of points achieved in a sporting event
  • Scoring (cricket)
  • Score bug, a graphic displayed on a screen during sports game broadcasts to display the current score and other statistics
  • Herb Score (1933–2008), baseball player
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