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Skittles are a type of sugar candy printed with the letter "S". They were created in 1974 by the Wrigley Company in England.



Skittles came to America in 1979. The Skittles' slogan "taste the rainbow" came from New York by a company called D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles.


Skittles is a type of chewy fruit-flavored candy. They have a hard outside with a chewy inside and an "s" on one side. Skittles come in many flavors. The original flavors were lime, lemon, grape, orange, and cherry.


  • 1974- Skittles are first made by company in Britain
  • 1979- Skittles came to America
  • 1989- New flavors: Tropical skittles and Wild Berry Skittles
  • 2000- New flavor: sour skittles
  • 2004- Skittles launches its first bubble gum
  • 2005- New flavor: Skittles smoothie mix
  • 2006- Skittles launches X-treme fruit skittles gum (first limited edition variety)
  • 2009- New flavor:Skittles crazy cores
  • 2010-New flavor: Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits™
  • 2012- New flavor: Riddles
  • 2013- New flavor: Dark side skittles
  • 2014- New flavor: Skittles desserts
  • 2015- New flavor: Orchards
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