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The following table lists all the named streams that flow in Jefferson County. For each stream, the name, coordinate of the source, name of the stream it flows into, coordinate of the confluence, and political subdivision in which the confluence is located are given.

Watershed map of Jefferson County, Pennsylvania
This map depicts the watershed area for each named stream in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.
Streams in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania
Name Source Flows into Mouth Location Area
Acy Run 41°15′50″N 78°56′55″W North Fork Creek 41°15′04″N 78°56′31″W Polk Township 0.51 sq mi (1.3 km2)
Baghdad Run 41°15′26″N 78°47′59″W Little Toby Creek 41°16′53″N 78°46′45″W Snyder Township 1.28 sq mi (3.3 km2)
Bear Run 40°52′50″N 78°45′47″W / 40.88056°N 78.76306°W / 40.88056; -78.76306 (elev. 1,283 feet (391 m)) West Branch Susquehanna River 40°53′30″N 78°51′37″W / 40.89167°N 78.86028°W / 40.89167; -78.86028 Banks Township, Indiana County 1.36 sq mi (3.5 km2)
Bearpen Run 41°18′45″N 78°54′16″W North Fork Creek 41°18′14″N 78°51′21″W Polk Township 1.86 sq mi (4.8 km2)
Beaver Meadow Run 41°15′21″N 78°54′53″W South Branch North Fork Redbank Creek 41°15′58″N 78°51′29″W Polk Township 3.33 sq mi (8.6 km2)
Beaver Run 41°05′21″N 79°10′57″W Redbank Creek 41°03′47″N 79°05′41″W Beaver Township 3.04 sq mi (7.9 km2)
Beaver Run 41°14′32″N 78°57′23″W Seneca Run 41°12′59″N 78°56′10″W Warsaw Township 9.95 sq mi (25.8 km2)
Beaver Run 41°05′21″N 79°10′57″W Redbank Creek 41°03′47″N 79°05′41″W Beaver Township 0.72 sq mi (1.9 km2)
Beaverdam Run 41°09′27″N 78°49′41″W Falls Creek 41°12′46″N 78°52′29″W Washington Township 6.56 sq mi (17.0 km2)
Beer Run 41°15′39″N 79°12′23″W Updike Run 41°16′13″N 79°10′53″W Eldred Township 1.18 sq mi (3.1 km2)
Big Run 40°58′05″N 78°53′21″W Mahoning Creek 41°01′40″N 78°56′57″W Big Run 19.41 sq mi (50.3 km2)
Big Run 41°01′30″N 79°07′56″W Little Sandy Creek 40°58′16″N 79°02′03″W Ringgold Township 14.85 sq mi (38.5 km2)
Black Run 41°18′15″N 79°08′33″W Cathers Run 41°16′57″N 79°05′57″W Barnett Township 2.54 sq mi (6.6 km2)
Bliss Run 41°17′18″N 78°50′06″W Little Toby Creek 41°17′00″N 78°50′26″W Snyder Township 0.22 sq mi (0.57 km2)
Brocious Run 41°02′25″N 79°12′06″W Little Sandy Creek 41°02′58″N 79°11′23″W Beaver Township 0.66 sq mi (1.7 km2)
Buck Run 41°02′42″N 78°49′21″W Stump Creek 41°02′24″N 78°51′08″W Sykesville 1.1 sq mi (2.8 km2)
Burns Run 41°12′50″N 79°03′23″W North Fork Creek 41°12′21″N 79°01′27″W Warsaw Township 8.49 sq mi (22.0 km2)
Bushley Run 41°15′50″N 78°55′42″W South Branch North Fork Redbank Creek 41°15′04″N 78°55′44″W Polk Township 0.66 sq mi (1.7 km2)
Cable Run 41°06′52″N 78°59′48″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°07′43″N 78°58′51″W Pine Creek Township 1.09 sq mi (2.8 km2)
Callen Run 41°21′01″N 79°00′54″W Clarion River 41°18′50″N 78°57′43″W Heath Township 7.37 sq mi (19.1 km2)
Camp Run 41°05′19″N 78°58′00″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°02′30″N 78°56′54″W Knox Township 7.26 sq mi (18.8 km2)
Campbell Run 41°09′14″N 79°07′42″W Coder Run 41°10′40″N 79°06′35″W Rose Township 2.58 sq mi (6.7 km2)
Canoe Creek 40°56′13″N 78°56′15″W Mahoning Creek 40°54′06″N 79°00′32″W Bell Township 11.57 sq mi (30.0 km2)
Carrier Run 41°06′32″N 79°11′58″W Redbank Creek 41°06′55″N 79°10′35″W Clover Township 1.06 sq mi (2.7 km2)
Cathers Run 41°19′00″N 79°14′01″W Clarion River 41°15′00″N 79°06′59″W Millcreek Township 15.69 sq mi (40.6 km2)
Caylor Run 40°58′05″N 79°10′14″W Pine Run 40°59′41″N 79°09′02″W Ringgold Township 1.59 sq mi (4.1 km2)
Cherry Run 41°01′58″N 79°11′05″W Little Sandy Creek 40°59′04″N 79°10′12″W Ringgold Township 5.54 sq mi (14.3 km2)
Chicken Run 41°20′17″N 78°55′09″W Stony Run 41°20′00″N 78°55′00″W Polk Township 0.25 sq mi (0.65 km2)
Clarion River 41°06′59″N 79°40′30″W Allegheny River 41°29′28″N 78°40′41″W Perry Township 130.5 sq mi (338 km2)
Clawson Run 41°18′02″N 79°12′38″W / 41.30056°N 79.21056°W / 41.30056; -79.21056 (elev. 1,237 feet (377 m)) Cathers Run 41°16′48″N 79°12′39″W / 41.28000°N 79.21083°W / 41.28000; -79.21083 Millcreek Township, Clarion County 0.5 sq mi (1.3 km2)
Clear Creek 41°19′46″N 79°06′12″W Clarion River 41°19′09″N 79°00′28″W Barnett Township 20.12 sq mi (52.1 km2)
Clear Run 41°15′20″N 79°02′30″W North Fork Creek 41°19′02″N 78°59′16″W Warsaw Township 9.79 sq mi (25.4 km2)
Clemens Run 41°16′11″N 79°02′20″W Clear Run 41°17′20″N 79°03′24″W Warsaw Township 1.71 sq mi (4.4 km2)
Clement Run 41°08′37″N 79°06′56″W Redbank Creek 41°10′34″N 79°06′16″W Rose Township 10.3 sq mi (27 km2)
Clover Run 40°57′49″N 78°50′58″W East Branch Mahoning Creek 40°56′15″N 78°47′19″W Gaskill Township 6.57 sq mi (17.0 km2)
Clutch Run 41°01′41″N 79°02′40″W Little Sandy Creek 41°00′53″N 78°59′35″W Oliver Township 7.44 sq mi (19.3 km2)
Coder Run 41°08′43″N 79°06′54″W Clement Run 41°10′46″N 79°11′03″W Rose Township 7.92 sq mi (20.5 km2)
Cold Spring Run 40°57′07″N 78°57′52″W Elk Run 40°58′37″N 78°56′59″W Punxsutawney 0.95 sq mi (2.5 km2)
Couch Run 40°55′26″N 78°55′35″W Ugly Run 40°55′34″N 78°53′43″W Bell Township 1.5 sq mi (3.9 km2)
Craft Run 41°14′04″N 79°02′30″W North Fork Creek 41°14′49″N 79°05′45″W Warsaw Township 3.11 sq mi (8.1 km2)
Curry Run 41°14′50″N 78°47′45″W Little Toby Creek 41°13′32″N 78°49′17″W Brockway 1.95 sq mi (5.1 km2)
Daugherty Run 41°22′11″N 78°57′38″W Clarion River 41°21′27″N 78°56′22″W Heath Township 0.35 sq mi (0.91 km2)
Davis Run 41°17′45″N 78°55′41″W / 41.29583°N 78.92806°W / 41.29583; -78.92806 (elev. 1,489 feet (454 m)) Hetrick Run 41°19′28″N 78°56′20″W / 41.32444°N 78.93889°W / 41.32444; -78.93889 Polk Township 1.19 sq mi (3.1 km2)
Dice Run 41°18′03″N 79°00′31″W Clear Run 41°19′00″N 78°58′55″W Polk Township 1.2 sq mi (3.1 km2)
Dry Run 41°18′49″N 79°03′52″W Clear Creek 41°18′08″N 79°03′01″W Heath Township 0.62 sq mi (1.6 km2)
Eagle Run 40°57′53″N 79°12′00″W Pine Run 40°59′48″N 79°11′23″W Timblin 1.73 sq mi (4.5 km2)
East Branch Mahoning Creek 40°58′26″N 78°51′22″W Mahoning Creek 41°02′19″N 78°42′18″W Gaskill Township 15.27 sq mi (39.5 km2)
East Branch Walburn Run 41°16′05″N 78°46′03″W Walburn Run 41°17′37″N 78°45′18″W Snyder Township 0.2 sq mi (0.52 km2)
Eckler Run 41°05′22″N 79°08′45″W Beaver Run 41°06′29″N 79°07′05″W Beaver Township 1.62 sq mi (4.2 km2)
Elk Run 40°56′57″N 78°57′52″W Mahoning Creek 41°01′18″N 78°59′02″W Punxsutawney 13.2 sq mi (34 km2)
English Run 41°18′02″N 79°04′47″W Trap Run 41°17′14″N 79°05′38″W Heath Township 8.38 sq mi (21.7 km2)
Falls Creek 41°08′58″N 78°47′59″W Wolf Run 41°09′34″N 78°50′18″W Washington Township 11.39 sq mi (29.5 km2)
Fehley Run 41°05′31″N 78°51′13″W Soldier Run 41°06′39″N 78°49′36″W Winslow Township 1.58 sq mi (4.1 km2)
Ferguson Run 41°02′06″N 79°10′12″W Little Sandy Creek 41°03′37″N 79°07′56″W Beaver Township 3.77 sq mi (9.8 km2)
Fivemile Run 41°08′54″N 79°04′32″W Redbank Creek 41°06′11″N 79°01′41″W Brookville 17.55 sq mi (45.5 km2)
Fivemile Run 41°09′40″N 79°00′04″W Mill Creek 41°08′28″N 78°55′28″W Pine Creek Township 8.08 sq mi (20.9 km2)
Foundry Run 40°54′37″N 79°13′15″W / 40.91028°N 79.22083°W / 40.91028; -79.22083 (elev. 1,096 feet (334 m)) Mahoning Creek 40°55′55″N 79°11′20″W / 40.93194°N 79.18889°W / 40.93194; -79.18889 Porter Township 1.56 sq mi (4.0 km2)
Foundry Run 40°55′11″N 79°04′58″W Mahoning Creek 40°57′16″N 79°06′46″W Perry Township 3.75 sq mi (9.7 km2)
Fowler Run 41°17′14″N 79°09′25″W Seaton Run 41°16′44″N 79°09′27″W Eldred Township 0.62 sq mi (1.6 km2)
Front Run 41°04′17″N 78°53′53″W Trout Run 41°02′54″N 78°54′01″W Winslow Township 2.62 sq mi (6.8 km2)
Fuller Run 41°05′51″N 78°59′21″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°04′28″N 79°00′19″W Knox Township 1.63 sq mi (4.2 km2)
Graffius Run 40°57′13″N 78°55′42″W Mahoning Creek 40°58′58″N 78°56′11″W Bell Township 1.63 sq mi (4.2 km2)
Hadden Run 41°01′10″N 79°02′38″W Clutch Run 41°00′27″N 79°01′01″W Oliver Township 4.18 sq mi (10.8 km2)
Hamilton Run 40°53′58″N 79°09′47″W / 40.89944°N 79.16306°W / 40.89944; -79.16306 (elev. 1,129 feet (344 m)) Mahoning Creek 40°56′38″N 79°08′32″W / 40.94389°N 79.14222°W / 40.94389; -79.14222 Porter Township 3.24 sq mi (8.4 km2)
Harveys Run 41°10′20″N 78°47′12″W Wolf Run 41°11′56″N 78°48′45″W Washington Township 1.62 sq mi (4.2 km2)
Hetrick Run 41°17′43″N 78°55′36″W / 41.29528°N 78.92667°W / 41.29528; -78.92667 (elev. 1,489 feet (454 m)) North Fork Creek 41°17′55″N 78°58′00″W / 41.29861°N 78.96667°W / 41.29861; -78.96667 Polk Township 2.58 sq mi (6.7 km2)
Hickok Run 41°02′04″N 79°01′54″W Little Sandy Creek 41°01′50″N 79°00′04″W Oliver Township 1.69 sq mi (4.4 km2)
Horm Run 41°10′31″N 78°56′26″W Mill Creek 41°09′57″N 78°52′40″W Washington Township 6.65 sq mi (17.2 km2)
Hugh Run 41°13′21″N 79°09′45″W Mill Creek 41°14′14″N 79°08′37″W Eldred Township 1.1 sq mi (2.8 km2)
Hunts Run 41°07′20″N 79°05′03″W Fivemile Run 41°06′57″N 79°04′39″W Knox Township 0.29 sq mi (0.75 km2)
Indiancamp Run 41°01′56″N 79°03′01″W Little Sandy Creek 41°04′59″N 79°01′32″W Oliver Township 5.82 sq mi (15.1 km2)
Jackson Run 40°56′46″N 78°55′41″W Mahoning Creek 40°56′33″N 78°52′57″W Bell Township 3.12 sq mi (8.1 km2)
Jenkins Run 41°16′38″N 78°49′02″W Little Toby Creek 41°17′59″N 78°46′57″W Snyder Township 1.37 sq mi (3.5 km2)
Johns Run 41°20′41″N 79°00′41″W Callen Run 41°19′43″N 78°59′15″W Heath Township 3.14 sq mi (8.1 km2)
Kahle Run 41°17′56″N 79°11′38″W Cathers Run 41°16′22″N 79°10′14″W Barnett Township 2.5 sq mi (6.5 km2)
Keys Run 41°10′10″N 78°55′27″W Horm Run 41°11′33″N 78°53′45″W Washington Township 2.13 sq mi (5.5 km2)
Kyle Run 41°09′22″N 78°51′21″W Kyle Lake 41°11′02″N 78°53′20″W Washington Township 2.74 sq mi (7.1 km2)
Kyle Run 41°12′18″N 79°12′28″W Little Mill Creek 41°11′20″N 79°12′13″W Union Township 0.87 sq mi (2.3 km2)
Laurel Run 40°59′08″N 78°48′35″W East Branch Mahoning Creek 40°57′47″N 78°45′57″W Henderson Township 0.71 sq mi (1.8 km2)
Laurel Run 41°01′46″N 78°54′28″W Big Run 41°02′43″N 78°55′27″W McCalmont Township 1.33 sq mi (3.4 km2)
Laurel Run 41°11′01″N 79°00′13″W Little Mill Creek 41°12′13″N 78°56′39″W Pine Creek Township 3.34 sq mi (8.7 km2)
Leeper Run 41°21′16″N 79°02′32″W Clarion River 41°20′06″N 79°01′59″W Heath Township 1.35 sq mi (3.5 km2)
Lick Run 41°02′42″N 79°05′22″W Little Sandy Creek 41°04′39″N 79°05′28″W Oliver Township 2.72 sq mi (7.0 km2)
Little Clear Creek 41°19′19″N 79°04′37″W Clear Creek 41°19′31″N 79°02′35″W Heath Township 1.06 sq mi (2.7 km2)
Little Elk Run 40°58′29″N 78°58′41″W Elk Run 40°59′40″N 79°00′56″W Young Township 3.58 sq mi (9.3 km2)
Little Mill Creek 41°09′44″N 79°02′01″W Mill Creek 41°12′11″N 78°57′35″W Pine Creek Township 6.26 sq mi (16.2 km2)
Little Mill Creek 41°13′21″N 79°15′02″W Mill Creek 41°11′51″N 79°08′31″W Millcreek Township 7.86 sq mi (20.4 km2)
Little Piney Creek 41°08′20″N 79°21′07″W / 41.13889°N 79.35194°W / 41.13889; -79.35194 (elev. 1,211 feet (369 m)) Piney Creek 41°11′09″N 79°12′43″W / 41.18583°N 79.21194°W / 41.18583; -79.21194 Clarion Township, Clarion County 0.12 sq mi (0.31 km2)
Little Sandy Creek 41°02′44″N 79°13′48″W Redbank Creek 41°01′39″N 78°57′31″W Redbank Township 70.65 sq mi (183.0 km2)
Little Toby Creek 41°21′59″N 78°49′25″W Clarion River 41°19′55″N 78°36′32″W Spring Creek Township 34.46 sq mi (89.3 km2)
Little Vineyard Run 41°18′06″N 78°49′34″W Little Toby Creek 41°17′44″N 78°48′07″W Snyder Township 0.68 sq mi (1.8 km2)
Long Run 41°12′27″N 79°11′57″W Little Mill Creek 41°13′15″N 79°12′07″W Union Township 0.47 sq mi (1.2 km2)
Lost Run 40°56′21″N 78°49′16″W Clover Run 40°56′59″N 78°46′09″W Gaskill Township 0.68 sq mi (1.8 km2)
Lucas Run 41°17′04″N 78°55′35″W North Fork Creek 41°16′44″N 78°52′33″W Polk Township 3.39 sq mi (8.8 km2)
Mahoning Creek 40°55′59″N 79°27′40″W / 40.93306°N 79.46111°W / 40.93306; -79.46111 (elev. 801 feet (244 m)) Allegheny River 40°58′26″N 78°51′22″W / 40.97389°N 78.85611°W / 40.97389; -78.85611 Henderson Township 149.63 sq mi (387.5 km2)
Mammy Hi Run 41°17′46″N 78°56′21″W / 41.29611°N 78.93917°W / 41.29611; -78.93917 (elev. 1,545 feet (471 m)) Hetrick Run 41°19′16″N 78°56′58″W / 41.32111°N 78.94944°W / 41.32111; -78.94944 Polk Township 1.26 sq mi (3.3 km2)
Manners Dam Run 41°18′16″N 78°54′44″W North Fork Creek 41°17′16″N 78°52′41″W Polk Township 3.14 sq mi (8.1 km2)
Martin Run 41°13′42″N 79°10′27″W Mill Creek 41°16′10″N 79°09′59″W Eldred Township 0.86 sq mi (2.2 km2)
Matson Run 41°10′05″N 79°04′29″W / 41.16806°N 79.07472°W / 41.16806; -79.07472 (elev. 1,209 feet (369 m)) North Fork Creek 41°10′40″N 79°05′32″W / 41.17778°N 79.09222°W / 41.17778; -79.09222 Rose Township 0.49 sq mi (1.3 km2)
McCracken Run 40°59′16″N 79°05′02″W Big Run 40°57′58″N 79°03′51″W Oliver Township 2.77 sq mi (7.2 km2)
McCreight Run 41°04′59″N 78°52′09″W Soldier Run 41°03′42″N 78°51′39″W Winslow Township 1.21 sq mi (3.1 km2)
McEwen Run 41°13′02″N 78°46′33″W Rattlesnake Run 41°12′18″N 78°43′00″W Washington Township 2.67 sq mi (6.9 km2)
McKee Run 41°00′43″N 78°53′50″W Big Run 41°00′53″N 78°51′15″W McCalmont Township 2.65 sq mi (6.9 km2)
Middle Branch Little Sandy Creek 41°02′20″N 79°01′30″W Little Sandy Creek 41°03′58″N 79°00′35″W Oliver Township 2.21 sq mi (5.7 km2)
Middle Branch Pine Run 40°57′54″N 79°08′57″W Pine Run 40°56′53″N 79°07′39″W Porter Township 1.8 sq mi (4.7 km2)
Mill Creek 41°09′22″N 79°03′11″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°14′53″N 78°49′18″W Pine Creek Township 53.69 sq mi (139.1 km2)
Mill Creek 41°14′08″N 79°19′16″W Clarion River 41°15′32″N 79°06′35″W Millcreek Township 30.7 sq mi (80 km2)
Miller Run 41°16′19″N 79°04′43″W Tarkiln Run 41°16′55″N 79°05′44″W Eldred Township 0.78 sq mi (2.0 km2)
Muddy Run 41°19′08″N 78°53′59″W North Fork Creek 41°19′37″N 78°55′03″W Polk Township 1.28 sq mi (3.3 km2)
Nicely Run 40°55′28″N 79°03′06″W Mahoning Creek 40°56′50″N 79°04′33″W Perry Township 1.34 square miles (3.5 km2)
Nolf Run 41°02′21″N 79°13′06″W / 41.03917°N 79.21833°W / 41.03917; -79.21833 (elev. 1,109 feet (338 m)) Little Sandy Creek 41°00′11″N 79°12′24″W / 41.00306°N 79.20667°W / 41.00306; -79.20667 Ringgold Township, Jefferson County 1.68 sq mi (4.4 km2)
North Fork Creek 41°09′30″N 79°04′36″W Redbank Creek 41°19′07″N 78°53′59″W Brookville 91.63 sq mi (237.3 km2)
Nye Branch 40°57′45″N 79°13′17″W / 40.96250°N 79.22139°W / 40.96250; -79.22139 (elev. 1,204 feet (367 m)) Pine Run 40°56′37″N 79°09′29″W / 40.94361°N 79.15806°W / 40.94361; -79.15806 Porter Township 3.84 square miles (9.9 km2)
O'Donnell Run 41°05′46″N 78°56′22″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°08′17″N 78°55′16″W Winslow Township 3.63 sq mi (9.4 km2)
Painter Run 40°54′28″N 78°56′50″W / 40.90778°N 78.94722°W / 40.90778; -78.94722 (elev. 1,286 feet (392 m)) Canoe Creek 40°55′33″N 78°59′01″W / 40.92583°N 78.98361°W / 40.92583; -78.98361 Young Township 2.62 sq mi (6.8 km2)
Painter Run 40°58′00″N 79°12′39″W Pine Run 40°59′59″N 79°11′33″W Timblin 1.68 square miles (4.4 km2)
Panther Run 41°07′18″N 78°52′26″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°08′43″N 78°53′29″W Winslow Township 2.09 sq mi (5.4 km2)
Parks Run 41°14′20″N 79°08′03″W Mill Creek 41°15′17″N 79°06′50″W Eldred Township 1.36 sq mi (3.5 km2)
Patton Run 41°03′32″N 79°12′13″W Redbank Creek 41°05′40″N 79°12′55″W Beaver Township 1.12 sq mi (2.9 km2)
Pekin Run 41°12′50″N 79°03′23″W North Fork Creek 41°13′12″N 78°58′09″W Warsaw Township 10.12 sq mi (26.2 km2)
Perryville Run 40°55′20″N 79°04′46″W Mahoning Creek 40°57′41″N 79°05′51″W Perry Township 2.27 square miles (5.9 km2)
Phyllis Run 41°19′28″N 79°04′47″W Clear Creek 41°20′08″N 79°04′16″W Heath Township 0.52 sq mi (1.3 km2)
Pine Run 40°56′47″N 79°16′39″W Mahoning Creek 40°58′10″N 79°06′29″W Redbank Township 18.88 sq mi (48.9 km2)
Pine Run 41°21′00″N 79°03′35″W Clarion River 41°19′51″N 79°02′44″W Heath Township 1.47 sq mi (3.8 km2)
Pitchpine Run 41°05′47″N 78°53′33″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°06′47″N 78°51′15″W Reynoldsville 1.94 sq mi (5.0 km2)
Poose Run 41°02′00″N 78°49′15″W Stump Creek 41°02′02″N 78°46′44″W Henderson Township 0.62 sq mi (1.6 km2)
Rankin Run 41°13′47″N 79°11′13″W Mill Creek 41°15′45″N 79°11′18″W Eldred Township 1.61 sq mi (4.2 km2)
Rattlesnake Creek 41°14′14″N 78°46′53″W Little Toby Creek 41°13′37″N 78°40′24″W Snyder Township 14.08 sq mi (36.5 km2)
Rattlesnake Run 41°08′04″N 79°08′36″W Redbank Creek 41°06′45″N 79°06′39″W Clover Township 8.51 sq mi (22.0 km2)
Rattlesnake Run 41°13′10″N 78°46′26″W Rattlesnake Creek 41°12′44″N 78°51′59″W Snyder Township 1.82 sq mi (4.7 km2)
Raught Run 41°22′10″N 78°57′50″W Clarion River 41°20′10″N 78°58′00″W Heath Township 2.14 sq mi (5.5 km2)
Red Lick Run 41°11′59″N 79°03′59″W North Fork Creek 41°14′07″N 79°06′05″W Pine Creek Township 3.32 sq mi (8.6 km2)
Red Run 41°03′55″N 79°11′23″W Redbank Creek 41°03′35″N 79°10′02″W Beaver Township 0.77 sq mi (2.0 km2)
Redbank Creek 40°58′55″N 79°33′00″W Allegheny River 41°09′30″N 79°04′36″W Madison Township 375.52 sq mi (972.6 km2)
Reitz Run 41°02′33″N 79°09′15″W Ferguson Run 41°04′00″N 79°08′12″W Beaver Township 1.69 sq mi (4.4 km2)
Rock Run 40°57′58″N 78°54′29″W Mahoning Creek 40°58′37″N 78°55′58″W Bell Township 1.49 sq mi (3.9 km2)
Rose Run 40°55′58″N 79°01′52″W Mahoning Creek 40°57′40″N 79°03′13″W Perry Township 3.93 sq mi (10.2 km2)
Runaway Run 41°06′58″N 79°11′44″W Redbank Creek 41°09′47″N 79°13′10″W Summerville 1.48 sq mi (3.8 km2)
Sandy Lick Creek 41°09′30″N 79°04′36″W Redbank Creek 41°11′44″N 78°40′19″W Brookville 143.35 sq mi (371.3 km2)
Sawmill Run 40°56′29″N 78°59′19″W Mahoning Creek 40°59′03″N 79°01′16″W Punxsutawney 4.26 sq mi (11.0 km2)
Schoolhouse Run 41°05′29″N 78°55′24″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°07′48″N 78°54′08″W Winslow Township 3.43 sq mi (8.9 km2)
Seaton Run 41°17′57″N 79°09′38″W Cathers Run 41°16′01″N 79°06′39″W Barnett Township 4.07 sq mi (10.5 km2)
Seneca Run 41°15′26″N 78°57′43″W North Fork Creek 41°12′34″N 78°56′27″W Warsaw Township 6.21 sq mi (16.1 km2)
Shippen Run 41°14′41″N 79°02′57″W North Fork Creek 41°16′37″N 79°05′58″W Warsaw Township 3.56 sq mi (9.2 km2)
Simpson Run 41°08′00″N 79°09′25″W Redbank Creek 41°10′16″N 79°11′02″W Clover Township 2.04 sq mi (5.3 km2)
Smathers Run 41°06′26″N 79°05′39″W Fivemile Run 41°04′57″N 79°05′46″W Rose Township 2.23 sq mi (5.8 km2)
Smith Run 40°55′00″N 78°55′14″W Ugly Run 40°55′24″N 78°54′00″W Bell Township 0.97 sq mi (2.5 km2)
Soldier Run 41°05′21″N 78°53′33″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°05′20″N 78°47′13″W Reynoldsville 11.09 sq mi (28.7 km2)
South Branch North Fork Redbank Creek 41°16′09″N 78°56′08″W North Fork Creek 41°17′32″N 78°52′06″W Polk Township 6.88 sq mi (17.8 km2)
Steele Run 41°11′52″N 79°07′08″W Mill Creek 41°11′36″N 79°08′14″W Eldred Township 1.05 sq mi (2.7 km2)
Steer Run 40°54′16″N 79°07′49″W / 40.90444°N 79.13028°W / 40.90444; -79.13028 (elev. 1,165 feet (355 m)) Mahoning Creek 40°55′55″N 79°07′33″W / 40.93194°N 79.12583°W / 40.93194; -79.12583 Porter Township 1.31 sq mi (3.4 km2)
Stony Run 40°56′28″N 78°49′46″W Clover Run 40°55′02″N 78°50′27″W Gaskill Township 1.38 sq mi (3.6 km2)
Stony Run 41°20′17″N 78°55′09″W / 41.33806°N 78.91917°W / 41.33806; -78.91917 (elev. 1,453 feet (443 m)) Maxwell Run 41°20′00″N 78°55′00″W / 41.33333°N 78.91667°W / 41.33333; -78.91667 Polk Township, Jefferson County 3.75 sq mi (9.7 km2)
Stump Creek 40°58′26″N 78°51′22″W Mahoning Creek 41°02′57″N 78°42′36″W Henderson Township 14.86 sq mi (38.5 km2)
Sugar Camp Run 41°10′37″N 79°04′26″W North Fork Creek 41°11′16″N 79°06′20″W Rose Township 1.18 sq mi (3.1 km2)
Sugarcamp Run 40°53′45″N 79°11′32″W / 40.89583°N 79.19222°W / 40.89583; -79.19222 (elev. 1,112 feet (339 m)) Mahoning Creek 40°55′39″N 79°09′44″W / 40.92750°N 79.16222°W / 40.92750; -79.16222 Porter Township, Jefferson County 2.05 sq mi (5.3 km2)
Sugarcamp Run 41°03′01″N 78°49′03″W Stump Creek 41°04′52″N 78°48′56″W Sykesville 2.68 sq mi (6.9 km2)
Sugarcamp Run 41°11′07″N 79°04′29″W North Fork Creek 41°11′59″N 79°01′32″W Pine Creek Township 3.6 sq mi (9.3 km2)
Swamp Run 41°08′41″N 79°04′37″W Fivemile Run 41°06′25″N 79°01′50″W Pine Creek Township 4.6 sq mi (12 km2)
Swede Run 41°16′51″N 78°54′58″W Lucas Run 41°17′07″N 78°53′55″W Polk Township 1.21 sq mi (3.1 km2)
Tadler Run 41°19′49″N 79°07′28″W Clarion River 41°18′41″N 79°06′57″W Barnett Township 0.72 sq mi (1.9 km2)
Tarkiln Run 41°04′13″N 79°11′12″W Redbank Creek 41°04′26″N 79°08′50″W Beaver Township 2.22 sq mi (5.7 km2)
Tarkiln Run 41°15′16″N 79°02′40″W North Fork Creek 41°16′45″N 79°04′34″W Warsaw Township 3.14 sq mi (8.1 km2)
Thompson Run 41°07′59″N 79°09′02″W Redbank Creek 41°09′12″N 79°09′36″W Clover Township 1.15 sq mi (3.0 km2)
Trap Run 41°18′50″N 79°04′03″W Clear Creek 41°17′06″N 79°04′25″W Heath Township 10.44 sq mi (27.0 km2)
Trout Run 40°58′33″N 78°53′11″W Big Run 41°00′28″N 78°56′07″W Henderson Township 3.15 sq mi (8.2 km2)
Trout Run 41°05′14″N 78°54′35″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°03′25″N 78°50′55″W Winslow Township 10.74 sq mi (27.8 km2)
Truby Run 41°19′38″N 79°05′32″W Clear Creek 41°17′18″N 79°06′26″W Heath Township 2.31 sq mi (6.0 km2)
Turnip Run 41°01′16″N 78°54′16″W Big Run 41°01′22″N 78°56′47″W McCalmont Township 1.79 sq mi (4.6 km2)
Ugly Run 40°55′32″N 78°55′58″W Canoe Creek 40°54′24″N 78°51′13″W Bell Township 3.85 sq mi (10.0 km2)
Updike Run 41°14′04″N 79°12′21″W Mill Creek 41°16′44″N 79°12′07″W Eldred Township 2.76 sq mi (7.1 km2)
Walburn Run 41°14′32″N 78°46′00″W Little Toby Creek 41°16′04″N 78°46′04″W Snyder Township 1.37 sq mi (3.5 km2)
Welch Run 41°07′29″N 79°10′53″W Redbank Creek 41°10′49″N 79°11′51″W Clover Township 4.07 sq mi (10.5 km2)
West Branch Walburn Run 41°16′05″N 78°46′03″W Walburn Run 41°19′02″N 78°45′02″W Snyder Township 0.44 sq mi (1.1 km2)
Whetstone Branch 41°14′59″N 78°44′24″W / 41.24972°N 78.74000°W / 41.24972; -78.74000 (elev. 1,460 feet (450 m)) Little Toby Creek 41°15′11″N 78°38′56″W / 41.25306°N 78.64889°W / 41.25306; -78.64889 Horton Township, Elk County 0.02 sq mi (0.052 km2)
Williams Run 41°19′07″N 78°53′59″W North Fork Creek 41°18′53″N 78°51′33″W Polk Township 1.78 sq mi (4.6 km2)
Windfall Run 40°58′46″N 78°52′59″W Big Run 41°00′48″N 78°52′00″W Henderson Township 1.74 sq mi (4.5 km2)
Windfall Run 41°15′10″N 79°01′45″W North Fork Creek 41°18′16″N 78°58′25″W Warsaw Township 5.91 sq mi (15.3 km2)
Wolf Run 41°08′14″N 78°47′35″W Sandy Lick Creek 41°11′54″N 78°42′46″W Sandy Township 18.19 sq mi (47.1 km2)
Work Run 41°16′18″N 79°01′56″W Clear Run 41°16′38″N 79°00′01″W Warsaw Township 1.3 sq mi (3.4 km2)
Yeomans Run 41°11′15″N 79°04′35″W North Fork Creek 41°11′42″N 79°05′45″W Rose Township 0.72 sq mi (1.9 km2)
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