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A rotating tetrahedron

A tetrahedron (triangular pyramid) is a three-dimensional shape. It has four corners. It looks like a pyramid. It has six equally long edges, four corners and four equilateral triangular faces. Every two edges meet on one of those corners forming a sixty-degree angle. All of its sides are triangles.

Formulas for a regular tetrahedron

A regular tetrahedron is a tetrahedron where all of its edges are the same length. If the length of an edge is a:

Surface area {\sqrt{3}}a^2\,
Face area \frac{\sqrt{3}}{4}a^2\,
Height \sqrt{\frac23}\,a\, and \frac{\sqrt{6}}{3}a
Volume \frac{a^3}{6\sqrt{2}}\, and \frac{\sqrt{2}}{12}a^3

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