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The word toll has several meanings.

Road transportation infrastructure

  • "Toll" is sometimes used as a synonym for tariff
    • A fee charged to use some roads and bridges
    • Toll road, a road for which road usage tolls are charged
    • Toll plaza, a facility where tolls are collected, on modern toll roads, tunnels, and bridges
    • Toll bridge, a bridge for which road usage tolls are charged
    • Toll tunnel, a tunnel for which road usage tolls are charged
    • Toll house, a place where road usage tolls are collected
    • Electronic toll collection, aims to eliminate the delay on toll roads by collecting tolls electronically
    • High occupancy toll, a toll on single-occupant vehicles using high-occupancy vehicle lanes to reduce traffic congestion
    • Shadow toll, payments made by government to the private sector operator of a road based on the number of vehicles using the road
  • Road toll, the number of deaths caused annually by road accidents


  • Funeral tolling is the slow, solemn ringing of church bells at funerals
  • Toll (gene), encode members of the Toll-like receptor class of proteins
  • Toll-like receptor, a class of proteins which play a key role in the innate immune system
  • Toll switching trunk, in telephone communications systems
  • Toll (telecommunications), refers to connection charges, for instance note Trunk vs Toll charging and toll-free telephone numbers
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