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Type may mean:

In philosophy:

  • A type is a category of being
  • Type-token distinction
  • Type theory, basis for the study of type systems

In mathematics:

  • Type (model theory)
  • Type or Arity, the number of operands a function takes
  • Type, any proposition or set in the Intuitionistic type theory

In computing:

  • Data type, collection of values used for computations
  • Type (command), a shell command.
  • Type system, defines a programming language's response to data types

In sociology:

  • Ideal type
  • Normal type
  • Typification


  • Type (band), name of Portuguese DJ and musician Cyz (Cynthia Zamorano)
  • Typeface, used in typesetting
  • Typing, Pressing buttons (keys) on a keyboard to enter text
  • Architectural type, classification of architecture by functional types (houses, institutions), morphological types or historical types
  • The yellowchair performance experience, a theatre company often abbreviated to TYPE
  • Dog type, categorisation by use or function of domestic dogs
  • Biological type, which fixes a scientific name to a taxon

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