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Typhoon HIL
Stock company(USA)
Industry Hardware in the Loop
Founded 17. November 2008
Key people
  • Nikola Celanovic, CEO

Typhoon HIL develops Hardware-in-the-Loop real-time simulators for power electronics.


Typhoon HIL was launched in 2008 with the goal to develop real-time simulators for power electronics hardware-in-the-loop as an alternative to expensive and sometimes dangerous bench testing. Hardware in the Loop systems were widely used in other fields at the time, such as automotive development. However, at that time it was a novelty to offer equivalent solutions for power electronics applications.

The reason for the implementation problems is the high switching frequency of the converters involved. Switching frequencies of 2-20kHz are common. In order to accurately simulate power electronics converter behavior in this context, simulation step sizes of less than a microsecond are required. Typical DSP processors cannot reach such short computational cycle times so the solution was found by developing a specialized HW solver running on an FPGA. Comprehensive software package including a schematic editor and a specialized compiler was provided in order to make the system easy to use.

Typhoon HIL today

In 2020, Typhoon HIL has the following locations worldwide.

  • Typhoon HIL Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts, USA (corporate headquarters)
  • Typhoon HIL GmbH in Baden, Switzerland
  • Tajfun HIL D.O.O. in Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Typhoon HIL Research Inc. in Vancouver, Canada
  • Typhoon HIL BR Ltda. in Florianópolis, Brazil
  • Typhoon HIL Düsseldorf, Germany (under construction)

Additionally there are service/distribution partners for China, India, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Mexico and various other countries.


The main focus of Typhoon HIL is still on real-time HIL simulators. The offer is supplemented by a complete software solution "Typhoon HIL Control Center" for the development of high fidelity real-time capable models, execution of manual tests and test automation. Typhoon HIL real-time machines are built around the propitiatory FPGA solver capable of running complex power electronics and power systems models at sub-microsecond simulation steps.

In addition to real-time simulators, Typhoon also offers solutions for simulations without external hardware. The use of the software without connected hardware is free of charge and covers the following areas:

  • logic circuits
  • controller design
  • Simulation of inverters, generators, solar panels, etc.
  • Software in the Loop incl. embedding of C-code
  • Electrified powertrains of vehicles
  • Electrified powertrains of aircraft

Typhoon HIL currently also offers solutions for the simulation of microgrids. Here, original control units can be used to simulate complete interconnected grids with wind turbine, PV, diesel generators, battery storage, etc. with the real grid integration (overhead lines, transformers, protection devices,...) at full speed. With the growth of distributed and renewable energy, such solutions are becoming increasingly important.


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