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Ultimate (often called Ultimate Frisbee in reference to the trademarked brand name) is a team sport played with a 175 gram flying disc. Opposing teams of 7 players try to move the disc into the opponent's end zone by throwing the disc to each other. The governing body controls the rules of play such as fouls, infractions, and time constraints for play. The sport is played at all levels from pickup games and middle schools to the elite teams that compete at the national and international levels. Some useful player abilities include speed, leaping ability, good throwing and catching skills, and good defensive play. There is no official officiating for Ultimate. Players are set to make their own calls and partake in conflict resolution.

A point is scored when one team catches the disc in the other team's end zone. The disc can only be moved by passing, but the player with the disc can pivot on one foot.

If a pass is incomplete (touches the ground or is caught or knocked down by a defending player) or out of bounds, it is a "turnover" and the other team gets possession of the disc.

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