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William, Willy or Bill Russell (or other variants) may refer to:

Actors and directors

  • William Russell (American actor) (1884–1929), stage and screen performer
  • William D. Russell (director) (1908–1968), American film and TV director
  • William Russell (born 1924), film and TV performer


  • William Russell (merchant) (1740–1818), English businessman
  • William Hepburn Russell (1812–1872), American businessman, founder of Pony Express
  • William Greeneberry Russell (1818–1887), American prospector and miner


  • William Russell (educator) (1798–1873), American teacher born in Scotland
  • William Fletcher Russell (1890–1956), American educationalist; president of Teachers College
  • William D. Russell (historian) (born 1938), American history professor


Kingdom of England

  • William Russell (knight) (1257–1311), holder of a moiety of the feudal barony of North Cadbury, Somerset
  • William Russell, 1st Baron Russell of Thornhaugh (1553/63–1613), English military commander
  • Sir William Russell, 1st Baronet, of Chippenham (before 1585–1654), English MP for Windsor
  • Sir William Russell, 1st Baronet, of Wytley (1602–1669), English MP for Worcestershire
  • William Russell, 1st Duke of Bedford (1616–1700), English peer and soldier
  • William Russell, Lord Russell (1639–1683), English politician

United Kingdom

  • Lord William Russell (1767–1840), MP best known as a murder victim
  • Sir William Russell, 1st Baronet, of Charlton Park (1773–1839), British baronet
  • William Congreve Russell (1778–1850), English MP and High Sheriff of Worcestershire
  • William Russell (1798–1850), Member of Parliament (MP) for Saltash, Bletchingley and County Durham
  • William Russell, 8th Duke of Bedford (1809–1872), member of United Kingdom Parliament
  • Sir William Russell, 2nd Baronet (1822–1892), MP for Dover, 1857–1859
  • William Russell (Bolton MP) (1859–1937), Member of Parliament for Bolton, 1922–1923

United States

  • William Russell (Virginia politician) (1735–1793), Virginia frontier soldier and legislator, father of William Russell of Kentucky
  • William Russell (Kentucky politician) (1758–1825), American soldier, pioneer, and politician
  • William Russell (Ohio politician) (1782–1845), U.S. Representative from Ohio
  • William F. Russell (Florida politician) (c.1805–after 1875), Speaker of Florida House of Representatives
  • William Huntington Russell (1809–1885), businessman, educator and politician from Connecticut
  • William Fiero Russell (1812–1896), American congressman from New York
  • William A. Russell (New York politician) (after 1820–before 1897), New York politician
  • William A. Russell (Massachusetts politician) (1831–1899), U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
  • William E. Russell (politician) (1857–1896), governor of Massachusetts between 1891 and 1894
  • William Hepburn Russell (baseball) (1857–1911), lawyer, politician and owner of Boston Braves
  • William W. Russell (before 1870–after 1908), United States Ambassador to Colombia, 1904–1905 and to Venezuela, 1905–1908
  • William T. Russell, 2008 congressional candidate in Pennsylvania


  • William Russell (New South Wales politician) (1807–1866), member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly
  • William Russell (New Zealand politician) (1838–1913), Member of Parliament
  • William Russell (Australian politician) (1842–1912), Australian senator from South Australia


  • William Russell (bishop of Sodor) (before 1300–1374), Cistercian prelate from Isle of Man
  • William Russell (bishop of North China) (1821–1879), Irish Protestant missionary to China
  • William Thomas Russell (1863–1927), American Roman Catholic bishop of Charleston


  • William James Russell (1830–1909), English chemist
  • William Russell (physician) (1852–1940), Scottish pathologist
  • William Ritchie Russell (1903–1980), British neurologist



  • William Russell (cricketer) (1866–1929), Australian-born English first-class cricketer
  • William Eric Russell (born 1936), Scottish-born English cricketer


  • Willie Russell (1901–after 1925), Scottish footballer
  • Billy Russell (footballer, born 1935), England amateur international footballer
  • Billy Russell (footballer, born 1959), footballer and manager of Hull City

Other sports

  • William Russell (fencer) (1896–1958), American Olympic fencer
  • Bill Russell (born 1934), American basketball player
  • Bill Russell (baseball) (born 1948), shortstop and manager in Major League Baseball

Writers and composers

  • William Russell (writer) (1741–1793), Scottish historical and miscellaneous writer
  • William Russell (organist) (1777–1813), English composer
  • William Clark Russell (1844–1911), English writer of nautical novels
  • Bill Russell (composer) (1905–1992), American music historian and modernist composer
  • Willy Russell (born 1947), English playwright, lyricist and composer
  • Bill Russell (lyricist) (born 1949), American librettist and lyricist


  • William Oldnall Russell (1785–1833), English chief justice of Bengal
  • Lady William Russell (1793–1874), English socialite, wife of Lord George William Russell
  • William Howard Russell (1820–1907), Irish reporter; one of first modern war correspondents
  • William Carmichael Russell (1824–1905), British Bengal Artillery officer
  • William Hamilton Russell (1856–1907), American architect
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