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Schiltach Flugblatt
1533 account of the execution of a witch charged with burning the town of Schiltach in 1531.

A witch hunt is when everybody in a town looks for witches to capture. This happened way more a long time ago than nowadays. It was mostly done by Christians.

The time when the witch hunts were most common in Europe was from about 1480 AD to 1700 AD. That was when there was the Protestant Reformation and the Thirty Years' War. Back then, tens of thousands of witches were executed. Witch hunts also happened a lot in America around that time.

Today, most countries don't have laws against witches any more, so there are less witch hunts, although the term "witch hunt" can also be used as a joke to refer to something like a witch hunt. An example of a modern "witch hunt" would be the Cold War communist hunt. which was discredited partly through being compared to the Salem Witch Trials.

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