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A contraction is a word that is made up of two or more words that are connected together. One or more letters are removed from the words when they are connected. One or more apostrophes are added in the location letters are removed. For example, an apostrophe goes in place of the o in not when "do not" is shortened to "don't".

Pronoun + verb contractions

Regular verbs

  • You are - Since now one cannot say "you're".

Helping verbs

  • I will = I'll
  • He will = He'll

Negative contractions


  • Are not = aren't
  • Is not = isn't


  • Do not = don't
  • Did not = didn't
  • Does not = doesn't

Helping Verbs

  • Cannot or Can not = can't
  • Could not = couldn't
  • Shall not = shan't
  • Should not = shouldn't
  • Might not = mightn't
  • Must not = mustn't
  • Will not = won't
  • Would not = wouldn't
  • He did = he'd


  • Has not = hasn't
  • Have not = haven't
  • Had not = hadn't
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