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Zac Power is an Australian children's book series by a team of writers under the corporate pseudonym H. I. Larry. The series is based upon the adventures of Zac Power, a twelve-year-old boy, and his fifteen-year-old brother, Leon. Zac is a secret agent for the fictitious intelligence agency GIB (Government Investigation Bureau), and Zac's adventures frequently see him saving the world. The series was published by Hardie Grant Egmont.

Test Drive and Spy Camp/Spy Recruit

The Test Drive and Spy Camp/Spy Recruit series are designed for younger readers, with larger print and lower word counts. Both series are listed on the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge years 7–8 list, whereas the other Zac Power series are on the years 9–13 list.

Test Drive consists of 16 books, written by Louise Park (published 2009–2010) and Spy Camp of eight (published 2010).

Mega, Extreme, and Ultimate

The Mega Mission (2008) and Extreme Mission (2009) series each have a continuing story that spans four books. They have both also been published as single-volume “four books in one” editions. Authorship for all eight books is claimed by Chris Morphew.

Zac Power Ultimate Mission is a single-volume chapter book (264 pages).

Special Files

Published in 2011, each book in the Special Files series contains two stories from the original Zac Power series.

List of titles

Author notes: [HB] Hilary Badger; [MB] Meredith Badger; [CM] Chris Morphew; [ML] Mat Larkin;

Original series

  1. Poison Island [MK]
  2. Deep Waters [HB]
  3. Mind Games [HB]
  4. Frozen Fear [HB] [Bestseller]
  5. Tomb of Doom [MB]
  6. Night Raid [HB]
  7. Lunar Strike
  8. Sudden Drop
  9. Blockbuster [HB] [Bestseller]
  10. Shockwave [Bestseller]
  11. High Risk
  12. Undercover
  13. Sky High [CM] [Bestseller]
  14. Volcanic Panic [CM]
  15. Boot Camp [HB]
  16. Swamp Race [CM]
  17. Thrill Ride [Bestseller]
  18. Horror House [Bestseller]
  19. Close Shave [CM]
  20. Shipwreck
  21. Overdrive
  22. River Rampage
  23. Foul Play
  24. Fossil Fury [Bestseller]
  25. Shock Music [ML] [Bestseller]

Test drive

  1. Zac’s Moon Trip
  2. Zac’s Wild Rescue
  3. Zac’s Icy Pole
  4. Zac’s Sticky Fix
  5. Zac’s Freaky Frogs
  6. Zac’s Ski Mission
  7. Zac’s Bank Bust
  8. Zac’s Shark Attack
  9. Zac’s Power On
  10. Zac’s Water World
  11. Zac’s Rocket Launch
  12. Zac’s Skate Break
  13. Zac’s Double Dare
  14. Zac’s Quicksand
  15. Zac’s High Dive
  16. Zac’s Space Race

Spy Camp/Spy Recruit

  1. Zac Blasts Off
  2. Zac Strikes Out
  3. Zac Cracks Down
  4. Zac Climbs High
  5. Zac Runs Wild
  6. Zac Wipes Out
  7. Zac Jets On
  8. Zac Heats Up

Mega Mission

  1. Base Camp
  2. Code Red
  3. Moon Rider
  4. High Stakes

All four books published 2008; Zac Power Mega Missions collection published 2009.

Extreme Mission

  1. Sand Storm
  2. Dark Tower
  3. Ice Patrol
  4. Water Blast

All four books published 2009; Zac Power Extreme Missions collection published 2010.

Special Files

  1. The Fear Files (consists of Horror House & Thrill Ride)
  2. The Rock Star Files (consists of Blockbuster & Shock Music)
  3. The Underwater Files (consists of Deep Waters & Shipwreck)
  4. The Sky Files (consists of Sky High & Lunar Strike)
  5. The Undercover Files (consists of Boot Camp & Undercover)
  6. The City Files (consists of Fossil Fury & Mind Games)
  7. The Volcano Files (consists of Poison Island & Volcanic Panic)
  8. The Desert Files (consists of Sudden Drop & Tomb of Doom)

Film adaptation

On 1 May 2019 Screen Australia announced an upcoming animation film called Zac Power - The Movie. Australian TV producer David Webster has been hired to direct the film, who also wrote Erky Perky. It is based on a script written by John Armstrong and will be produced by Barbara Stephen, Patrick Egerton and Celine Goetz, who have all worked on various Australian animated films.

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