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Ōtoku (応徳) was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Eihō and before Kanji. This period spanned the years from February 1084 through April 1087. The reigning emperor was Emperor Shirakawa-tennō (白河天皇).

Events of the Ōtoku Era

  • 1084 (Ōtoku 1, 9th month): The emperor's principal consort, died; and Shirakawa's grief overwhelmed him.
  • 1084 (Ōtoku 3, 9th month): Shirakawa announced his intention to abdicate in favor of his son.
  • 3 January 1084 (Ōtoku 3, 26th day of the 11th month): Shirakawa abdicated, and he took the title Daijō-tennō. The succession (senso) was received by a his son. Soon after, Emperor Horikawa accepted the monarch's role and duties and powers (sokui). This was confirmed in ceremonies.

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