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1999 Nova Scotia general election

← 1998 July 27, 1999 2003 →
← 57th General Assembly of Nova Scotia
members →

52 seats of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly
27 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  Robert-Chisholm-2012-NDP-Leadership-Convention.png Russell MacLellan.jpg
Leader John Hamm Robert Chisholm Russell MacLellan
Party Progressive Conservative New Democratic Liberal
Leader since October 28, 1995 March 30, 1996 July 12, 1997
Leader's seat Pictou Centre Halifax Atlantic Cape Breton North
Last election 14 19 19
Seats won 30 11 11
Seat change Increase16 Decrease8 Decrease8
Popular vote 169,383 129,474 128,795
Percentage 39.20% 29.97% 29.81%
Swing Increase9.43% Decrease4.67% Decrease5.50%

Riding map of Nova Scotia showing winning parties

Premier before election

Russell MacLellan

Premier after election

John Hamm
Progressive Conservative

The 1999 Nova Scotia general election was held on July 27, 1999, to elect members of the 58th House of Assembly of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

General results

Results by party

Party Party leader # of
Seats Popular vote
1998 Dissolution Elected % Change # % Change
  Progressive Conservative John Hamm 52 14 13 30 +130.8% 169,383 39.20% +9.43%
  New Democratic Robert Chisholm 52 19 19 11 −42.11% 129,474 29.97% −4.67%
  Liberal Russell MacLellan 52 19 19 11 −47.37% 128,795 29.81% −5.50%
Nova Scotia Party Jack Friis 17 align="right" 0 0 0% 3,153 0.73% align="right" -   Independents 5 0 1 −100% 1,278 0.29% −0.00%
Total 178 52 52 52   404,683 100%  
  • The Nova Scotia Party did not contest the 1998 general election.
Popular vote
New Democratic
Seats summary
New Democratic

Results by region

Party name HRM C.B. Valley S. Shore Fundy Central Total
Parties winning seats in the legislature:
  Progressive Conservative Seats: 7 1 6 6 5 5 30
  Popular vote: 36.64% 17.26% 48.06% 46.24% 55.96% 46.00% 39.20%
  New Democratic Party Seats: 9 1 1 11
  Popular vote: 37.24% 33.77% 21.47% 23.49% 24.14% 25.57% 29.97%
  Liberal Seats: 1 7 1 1 10
  Popular vote: 24.68% 47.53% 29.64% 29.45% 19.03% 28.16% 29.81%
Parties not winning seats in the legislature:
Nova Scotia Party Popular vote: 1.35% 0.83% 0.82% 0.21% 0.27% 0.73%
  Independents Popular vote: 0.09% 1.44% 0.66% 0.29%
Total seats: 17 9 7 7 6 5 51

Retiring incumbents

  • Laurie Montgomery, Annapolis
  • Ed Lorraine, Colchester North
  • Gerry Fogarty, Halifax Bedford Basin
  • Francene Cosman, Bedford-Fall River
Progressive Conservative
  • George Archibald, Kings North
  • George Moody, Kings West
  • John Leefe, Queens
  • Reeves Matheson, Cape Breton East

Nominated candidates


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Nova Scotia   Independent
Annapolis Frank Chipman Tom Clahane Stephen McNeil Paul Mann Laurie Montgomery †
Clare Paul Comeau Don Melanson Wayne Gaudet Anne Marie Boyer Wayne Gaudet
Digby—Annapolis Gordon Balser Steve Downes Vivian O'Neil Gordon Balser
Hants West Ron Russell Dick Terfry Joe Robertson Ron Russell
Kings North Mark Parent Neil H. McNeil Peter Hill George Archibald †
Kings South David Morse Mary DeWolfe Robbie Harrison Robbie Harrison
Kings West Jon Carey Jacquie DeMestral Don Clarke Frances Adams George Moody †

South Shore

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Nova Scotia   Independent
Argyle Neil LeBlanc Belinda Tucker Karen Kravfe Oscar Harris Neil LeBlanc
Chester—St. Margaret's John Chataway Hinrich Bitter-Suermann Karen Willis Duerden Hinrich Bitter-Suermann
Lunenburg Michael Baker Marilyn Crook Lila O'Connor Michael Baker
Lunenburg West Jerry Swain Eric Hustvedt Don Downe Don Downe
Queens Kerry Morash John Wiles Eddie Whitty John Leefe †
Shelburne Cecil O'Donnell Dianne Nickerson Clifford Huskilson Clifford Huskilson
Yarmouth Richard Hurlburt John Deveau Phil DeMille Brian W. Hurlburt John Deveau


Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Nova Scotia   Independent
Colchester—Musquodoboit Valley Brooke Taylor Jim Harpell Leo Stacey Brooke Taylor
Colchester North Bill Langille Ralph Martin John Davidson Ed Lorraine †
Cumberland North Ernest Fage Doug Wilson Kathy Langille Jason Blanch Ernest Fage
Cumberland South Murray Scott Scott McKee John Harrison Murray Scott
Hants East Reese Morash John MacDonell Sara Stewart Ken Smith John MacDonell
Truro—Bible Hill Jamie Muir Ibel Scammell Matthew Graham Jamie Muir

Central Halifax

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Nova Scotia   Independent
Halifax Bedford Basin Mary Ann McGrath Errol Gaum Jack Hardiman Janice Lively Gerry Fogarty †
Halifax Chebucto Sean Phillips Howard Epstein Royden Trainer Hilda M. Stevens Howard Epstein
Halifax Citadel Jane Purves Peter Delefes Ed Kinley Grace Patterson Art Canning Peter Delefes
Halifax Fairview Narayana Swamy Eileen O'Connell Greta Murtagh Maria Alexandridis Eileen O'Connell
Halifax Needham Linda Carvery Maureen MacDonald Mike Rogers Scott Higgins Maureen MacDonald

Suburban Halifax

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Nova Scotia   Independent
Bedford—Fall River Peter Christie Jane Earle Gerry St. Armand Francene Cosman †
Halifax Atlantic Bruce Cooke Robert Chisholm David Melnick Gerald Rodgers Golda M. Redden Robert Chisholm
Sackville—Beaver Bank Barry Barnet Rosemary Godin Bill MacDonald Rosemary Godin
Sackville—Cobequid Wade Marshall John Holm Kevin Perkins John Holm
Timberlea—Prospect Ken Fralick Bill Estabrooks Vicki Brown Ken Bumstead Bill Estabrooks

Dartmouth/Cole Harbour/Eastern Shore

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Nova Scotia   Independent
Cole Harbour—Eastern Passage Nadune Cooper Mont Kevin Deveaux Colin MacEachern Kevin Deveaux
Dartmouth—Cole Harbour Greg Frampton Darrell Dexter Peter Foy Rufus Peacock Darrell Dexter
Dartmouth East Terry Degen Heather Henderson Jim Smith Jim Smith
Dartmouth North Jane MacKay Jerry Pye Frank Cameron Susan Livingstone Jerry Pye
Dartmouth South Tim Olive Don Chard Audrey Goodyer Don Chard
Eastern Shore Bill Dooks Mary-Alice Tzagarakis Keith Colwell Jack Friis Keith Colwell
Preston David Hendsbee Yvonne Atwell Wendell Thomas Yvonne Atwell

Central Nova

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Nova Scotia   Independent
Antigonish Angus MacIsaac Charlene Long Hyland Fraser Hyland Fraser
Guysborough—Port Hawkesbury Ron Chisholm Wendy Panagopoulos Ray White Ray White
Pictou Centre John Hamm Jeff Callaghan Marie Maxwell John Hamm
Pictou East Jim DeWolfe Andy Thompson Lynn MacDonald Jim DeWolfe
Pictou West Muriel Baillie Charlie Parker Paul Landry D. Ed Berringer Charlie Parker

Cape Breton

Electoral District Candidates   Incumbent
  PC   NDP   Liberal   Nova Scotia   Independent
Cape Breton Centre John Morrissey Frank Corbett Susan Deruelle Marsh Frank Corbett
Cape Breton East Brad Kerr Cecil Saccary David Wilson Gerard Burke Reeves Matheson †
Cape Breton North Murray Johnston Archie MacKinnon Russell MacLellan Russell MacLellan
Cape Breton Nova Harold Dorrington Gordie Gosse Paul MacEwan Paul MacEwan
Cape Breton South Leland Lewis Elizabeth Cusack Manning MacDonald Manning MacDonald
Cape Breton—The Lakes Ken Langley Helen MacDonald Brian Boudreau Helen MacDonald
Cape Breton West Joe Boudreau Brian Slaney Russell MacKinnon Russell MacKinnon
Inverness Rodney MacDonald Roy Yipp Charlie MacDonald Charlie MacDonald
Richmond Joseph MacPhee Wilma Conrod Michel Samson Michel Samson
Victoria Anna Curtis-Steele Nancy MacKeigan Kennie MacAskill Osborne Burke

Stemer MacLeod

Kennie MacAskill
  • In the riding of Shelburne, the Returning Officer had to cast the tie-breaking vote.
  • In the riding of Cape Breton East, New Democrat Cecil Saccary's 5-vote lead, after a judicial recount, became a 5-vote lead for the Liberal's Dave Wilson. A judge then decided to throw out the results of the general election; a by-election was held several months later to fill the seat.
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