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4D or 4-D may refer to:

Computers and photography

  • 4D (software), a complete programming environment including database and web server
    • 4D SAS, developers of 4D and Wakanda
    • 4D Inc, a US-based subsidiary of 4D SAS
  • 4D BIM, a term used in computer aided design
  • 4D printing
  • Cinema 4D, a commercial cross platform 3D graphics application
  • SGI IRIS 4D, a line of workstations from Silicon Graphics
  • 4D, a photo print size for digital cameras

Arts and entertainment

  • 4D (album), a 2010 album by Matthew Shipp
  • "4-D" (The X-Files), an episode of The X-Files
  • 4D Audio Recording system, an audio recording system developed by Deutsche Grammophon
  • 4D film, a high technology film experience augmented with physical or environmental effects
  • 4DTV, a satellite TV broadcasting technology from Motorola
  • 4DX, a 4D film format
  • "4D", a song by Grand Mixer DXT and Bill Laswell from Aftermathematics (2003)
  • "4D", a song by Northlane from Alien (2019)
  • 4D, the production code for the 1975 Doctor Who serial Revenge of the Cybermen


  • Class 4-D, a classification of the Selective Service System
  • 4D (train) in Melbourne, Australia
  • 4-Digits, a lottery in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Air Sinai (IATA: 4D)
  • Ring finger, the fourth digit (abbreviated 4D) of the hand
  • Potez 4D, a four-cylinder aircraft engine

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