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Scintillating scotoma
This is what a scintillating scotoma may look like to some people. Scintillating scotoma is one symptom of Acephalgic migraine;head pain is not.

An Acephalgic migraine( also known as a 'Silent migraine') is a kind of migraine without the head pain. Acephalgic is Latin for "without head pain"). Most kinds of migraines start before a person is 30-years-old but this kind of migraine usually starts sometime during middle-age, which is after 40-years-old, and becomes more common as a person gets older. Unlike other migraines, males have Acephalgic migraines more often then women do.

An acephalgic migraine may cause neurologic dysfunction in some people, which is when parts of the brain does not function right, and causes different kinds of problems, such as seeing flashing lights or having blind spots, where nothing can be seen. These kinds of neurologic dysfunction are known as an aura.

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