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Aditya I
Rajakesari, Thondainadu kondaruliya
Aditya territories.png
Chola Territories c. 905 CE
Reign 871–907 CE
Predecessor Vijayalaya Chola
Successor Parantaka I
Born Unknown
Died 907 CE
Queen Tribhuvanamadeviyar
Ilangon Pichchi
Issue Parantaka Chola I Kannara Devan
Father Vijayalaya Chola
Religion Hinduism

Aditya Chola I (Tamil: ஆதித்த சோழன்) (c. 870/71 – c. 907 CE), the son of Vijayalaya Chola, was the Chola king who laid the foundation of the Imperial Chola Empire by the conquest of the Pallavas and occupied the Western Ganga Kingdom. Aditya Chola I was succeeded by his eldest son Parantaka Chola I.

Relations with the Cheras

Friendly relations appear to have existed between the Cheras (the Perumals) and the Cholas during the reign of Aditya I. The Chera contemporary Sthanu Ravi was a partner in Chola king Rajakesari Varma's campaign in Kongu country (central Tamil Nadu). King Rajakesari Varma can be identified either with Aditya or Srikantha Chola.

It is known that Aditya I's son, Parantaka I, married a Chera princess (the Kizhan Adikal).

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