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The Albanian National Archives (Albanian: Arkivi Qëndror i Shtetit or A.Q.SH) is the official archives of the Republic of Albania. It maintains important papers about Albania. It is in the city of Tirana and has smaller archives around the country. It was started in 1949. It used to be ran by the Party of Labour of Albania, who ran the country. They were Communists. They stopped running the country in 2001 and the Swiss Federal Archives had to help the Albanian National Archives become up to date, because it's collections were damaged and the archives had no computers to help people find papers it has. By 2004, it's collections were fixed and it had computers and people could easily find what they were looking for. The archives had many very important historical documents, including the Codex Beratinus, Codex Beratinus II, and version of the New Testament called the Elbasan Gospel Manuscript. In 2011, the archives started working with the World Digital Library, who puts the archives photographs and books on their website so more people can see them.

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