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Alexander Grant may refer to:

The arts

  • Alex da Kid (Alexander Grant, born 1982), English hip-hop producer
  • Alex Grant (musician) (born 1974), bass guitarist for Idlewild and DeSalvo
  • Alex Grant (poet), Scottish-American poet, teacher
  • Alexander Grant (dancer) (1925–2011), founding member of the Birmingham Royal Ballet



  • Alexander Grant (Upper Canada politician) (1734–1813), Canadian politician, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada
  • Alexander Grant (Nova Scotia politician) (1830–1900), merchant and politician in Nova Scotia
  • Alexander James Grant (1829–1909), Canadian politician

United Kingdom

  • Sir Alexander Grant, 8th Baronet (1782–1854), British Member of Parliament
  • Sir Alexander Grant, 5th Baronet (1705–1772), British Member of Parliament for Inverness Burghs
  • Alexander Grant (died 1719) (c. 1673–1719), Member of the 1st Parliament of Great Britain
  • Alexander Grant (British Army officer) (1775–1827), army officer and colonial commandant in the Gambia

United States

  • Alexander Grant (Massachusetts politician) (1853–1935), Massachusetts machinist and politician
  • Alexander R. Grant (1925–2001), Wisconsin politician


  • Alec Grant (1893–1966), New Zealand cricketer
  • Alex Grant (soccer) (born 1994), English-born Australian football (soccer) player
  • Alex Grant (ice hockey) (born 1989), ice hockey player
  • Alexander Grant (athlete) (1875–1946), American track and field athlete who competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics
  • Alexander McGregor Grant (1888–1973), Australian rules footballer, New Zealand surgeon, horse-racing administrator, racehorse owner and breeder
  • Lex Grant (born 1962), Scottish footballer


  • Sir Alexander Grant, 1st Baronet (1864–1937), creator of recipe for McVitie's digestive biscuit, managing director of firm and benefactor to National Library of Scotland
  • Sir Alexander Grant, 10th Baronet (1826–1884), principal of the University of Edinburgh
  • Alexander John Grant (died 1727), Roman Catholic clergyman
  • Surgeon-Major Alexander Grant (IMS) (1817–1900), surgeon in the Indian Medical Service
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