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Alexander Smith may refer to:


  • Alexander Smith (American politician) (1818–1878), American businessman and congressman-elect
  • Alexander Kennedy Smith (1824–1881), Scottish/Australian engineer and politician
  • Alexander Mortimer Smith (1818–1895), Scottish/Canadian soldier, businessman, and political figure
  • Alexander Wilson Smith (1856–1913), farmer and political figure in Ontario, Canada
  • Alexander S. Smith (1868–1916), politician in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Alexander Lockwood Smith (born 1948), New Zealand politician


  • Alexander Smith (bishop, born 1684) (1684–1766), Scottish Roman Catholic bishop
  • Alexander Smith (bishop, born 1813) (1813–1861), Scottish Roman Catholic bishop
  • Alexander Hale Smith (1838–1909), American religious leader


  • Alexander Smith (biographer) (fl. 1714–1726), British compiler of volumes of biographies
  • Alexander Smith (poet) (1829–1867), Scottish poet
  • Alexander Howland Smith (1859–1913), Scottish document forger in the 1880s
  • Alexander McCall Smith (born 1948), British writer and professor of medical law
  • Alexander O. Smith (born 1973), English/Japanese translator and writer
  • Alexander Gordon Smith (born 1979), British author of books for children and young adults


  • John Adams (mutineer) (1767–1829), mutineer on HMS Bounty, known as Alexander Smith
  • Alexander Smith (chemist) (1865–1922), American chemist and author
  • Alexander Smith (golfer) (fl. 1860), Scottish golfer
  • Alexander H. Smith (1904–1986), American mycologist
  • Ross Alexander (1907–1937), American actor, born Alexander Ross Smith
  • Alexander Smith (businessman), British CEO of Pier I
  • Sandy Smith (born 1983), Scottish artist

See also

  • Alex Smith (disambiguation)
  • Alec Smith (disambiguation)
  • Alexander Smith Cochran (1874–1929), American sportsman and philanthropist
  • Alexander Smith Taylor (1817–1876), collector, author and historian
  • Alexander Smith Carpet Mills Historic District, listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places
  • Alexander Smith House (disambiguation)


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