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Aliases Alcmena
Family Electryon and Anaxo (parents)
Spouse(s) Amphitryon
Children Iphicles and Laonome, Heracles

In Greek mythology, Alcmene or Alcmena ("strong in wrath") was the wife of Amphitryon by whom she bore two children, Iphicles and Laonome.

She is better known as the mother of Heracles whose father was the god Zeus. Alcmene was also called Electryone, a name given to her as a daughter of Electryon.

Hesiod describes Alcmene as the tallest, most beautiful woman with wisdom surpassed by no person born of mortal parents. It is said that her face and dark eyes were as charming as Aphrodite's.

There are two accounts of Alcmene's death. In the first, according to the Megarians, Alcmene was walking from Argos to Thebes when she died at Megara. In the second account given by the Thebans, when Alcmene died, she was turned from human form to a stone.

Pausanias indicated that an altar to Alcmene had been built in the Cynosarges in Athens, alongside altars to Heracles, Hebe, and Iolaus. Pausanias also said that Alcmene's tomb is located near Megara.

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