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Anna (安和 ) was a Japanese era (年号, , nengō,, lit. "year name") after Kōhō and before Tenroku. This period spanned the years from August 968 through March 970. The reigning emperors were Reizei-tennō (冷泉天皇 ) and En'yū-tennō (円融天皇 ).

Events of the Anna era

  • 968 (Anna 1, 6th month): Fujiwara no Saneyori (藤原実頼 ) became Chancellor (kampaku).
  • 26 October 968 (Anna 1, 26th day of the 10th month): A child who would become Emperor Kazan is born in the house of the man who would become Emperor Ichijo.
  • 969 (Anna 2, 10th month):Fujiwara no Morotada (藤原師尹 ) died. He was Minister of the Left (sadaijin) in the Imperial court hierarchy.
  • 969 (Anna 2, 12th month): The kampaku Saneyori celebrated his 70th birthday.
  • 969 (Anna 2): The "Anna Incident" (Anna no hen)

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