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An anorthoscope is a device that demonstrates an optical illusion that turns an anamorphic picture on a disc into a normal image through fast rotation behind a counter-rotating disk with four radial slits. It was invented in 1829 by Joseph Plateau, before further studies into similar principles led to his invention of animation through the phénakisticope in 1832.

Anorthoscopes with a black background have a translucent picture and need a luminous slit revolving behind the image disc. To make them translucent, the discs were impregnated with oil on the back and varnished on both sides.

21st century

A scientific paper on the effects of the anorthoscope was published in 2007.

A rare completed 1836 anorthoscope set by Susse with twelve discs was auctioned for 44,000 in 2013. The other two known extant sets of this edition are in the Werner Nekes collection and in the Joseph Plateau Collection in the Science Museum of the Ghent University.

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