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Archyala pentazyga
Scientific classification
A. pentazyga
Binomial name
Archyala pentazyga
Meyrick, 1915

Archyala pentazyga is a species of moth in the family Tineidae. It was described by Edward Meyrick in 1915 using a specimen provided by George Vernon Hudson. Hudson collected the specimen at Days Bay in Wellington in January. It is endemic to New Zealand.

Meyrick described the species as follows:

Head fuscous. Palpi fuscous mixed with darker, rough scales of second joint longer than in paraghjpta. Thorax and abdomen rather dark fuscous. Forewings elongate, narrow, costa slightly arched, apex obtuse, termen slightly rounded, rather strongly oblique ; fuscous, with fine rather oblique transverse striae of dark-fuscous scales ; five rather narrow oblique transverse dark-fuscous fasciae, first from A of costa, interrupted in disc and not reaching dorsum, second and third connected by a suffused patch in disc, third interrupted beneath this, fourth not reaching tornus, fifth curved beneath to termen above tornus : cilia fuscous, with blackish subbasal line. Hindwings rather dark fuscous, lighter and rather thinly scaled towards base : cilia fuscous, with dark-fuscous subbasal line.

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