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Aristolochia maxima
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Scientific classification
  • Aristolochia asperifolia Ule
  • Aristolochia biflora Duch. ex Klotzsch
  • Aristolochia biflora Willd. ex Duch.
  • Aristolochia geminiflora Kunth
  • Aristolochia mathewsii Duch.
  • Aristolochia maxima var. angustifolia Duch.
  • Aristolochia maxima var. geminiflora (Kunth) Duch.
  • Aristolochia mexicana D. Dietr.
  • Aristolochia oblongifolia Brandegee
  • Aristolochia reticulata Holton ex Duch.
  • Aristolochia reticulata Seem.
  • Aristolochia sprucei Mast.
  • Aristolochia wageneriana Schltdl.
  • Howardia geminiflora (Kunth) Klotzsch
  • Howardia gollmeri Klotzsch
  • Howardia hoffmannii Klotzsch
  • Howardia maxima (Jacq.) Klotzsch

Aristolochia maxima is a plant species native to Central and South America, naturalized in southern Florida. Common names include Florida Dutchman's-pipe (US), canastilla (Guatemala), guaco (El Salvador), and tecolotillo (Mexico). In Florida, it grows in hammocks in the Everglades at elevations below 50 m (170 feet).

Aristolochia maxima is a liana (woody vine) that can reach a height of 20 m (67 feet), twining over other plants. Leaves are truncate to cuneate at the base. Flowers are brownish-purple.

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