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Asa may refer to:


  • Aṣa, stage name of Nigerian French singer-songwriter Bùkólá Elemide (born 1982)
  • Asa (name), a masculine given name, including a list of persons and fictional characters with the name
  • Asa (rapper), Finnish rapper Matti Salo (born 1980)
  • Asa of Judah, third king of the Kingdom of Judah
  • Asa people, an ethnic group of Tanzania


  • Asa, Iran, in South Khorasan Province
  • Asa, Kwara, a Local Government Area in Kwara State, Nigeria
  • Asa, Hardoi, a village in Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Asa River (disambiguation), various rivers


  • Asa (album), 2013 Falkenbach album
  • Asa (raga), Indian format of musical rules
  • Åsa IF, a Swedish football club located in Åsa
  • Asa language, of the Asa people
  • Asa Station, Japanese railway station in San'yō-Onoda, Yamaguchi
  • Ása, genitive of Æsir, the predominant group among the Norse gods
  • Asa, or naboot, a staff used in Egyptian stick fencing
  • Aša or Asha, the Avestan language term for a concept of cardinal importance to Zoroastrian theology and doctrine
  • Asa, god of the Kamba people ethnic group in Kenya
  • asa, a Unix filter program that processes ASA carriage control characters

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