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Asylum may refer:

  • Psychiatric hospital, once known as an insane asylum or mental asylum, is a hospital specializing in the treatment of persons with mental illness
  • Destitute Asylum, an institution built in the 1850s in Adelaide, Australia for isolating cases of extreme poverty
  • Orphan asylum, an institution dedicated to caring for orphans
  • Political asylum, also known as Right of asylum
  • Asylum seeker, also known as Refugee

In music:

  • Asylum 45, a concept album by the Dutch band Non-Divine
  • Asylum Records, an American record label geared primarily in hip-hop music
  • Asylum (album), by the American hard rock band Kiss
  • Asylum (Legendary Pink Dots album)
  • Soul Asylum, a band formed in 1983, best known for their single "Runaway Train"
  • Asylum, a band from Croatia formed in 2007.
  • Asylum (song), a single by The Orb from their 1997 album Oblivion

In entertainment:

  • The Asylum, a movie studio

In fiction:

  • Asylum (movie) of the Patrick McGrath novel, made in 2005
  • Asylum (television), 1996 UK comedy series
  • Asylum (comic), a comic series
  • Asylum (1972 movie), a 1972 horror movie with Peter Cushing
  • Asylum (2007 movie), a 2007 horror movie from director David R. Ellis
  • Asylum (Doctor Who), a Doctor Who novel
  • Asylum (Supernatural), an Episode of TV series starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

In non-fiction:

In gaming

  • Asylum (1991 video game), an overhead shoot 'em up arcade game released by Leland in 1991
  • Asylum (1986 video game), released for the Commodore 64 in 1986
  • The last of the Shackled City Dungeons & Dragons adventures
  • ShadowMan (1999 video game) - Asylum, a big black tower what Legion have built.
  • The predecessor to the 1986 Commodore 64 game was a version which utilized ASCII graphics for the original IBM PC in 1982

In radio

  • The Asylum (radio show), aired in the 1980s on WMBR

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