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West side of main entrance to Bartram Springs
Bartram Springs Duval
The shaded area represents Bartram Springs

Bartram Springs is a master-planned residential community located in Jacksonville, Florida. It resides on the Duval County and St. Johns County line.


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Jacksonville/Duval County line

Bartram Springs is located at the very bottom of Duval County. Interstate 95 borders it on the west side, US 1 borders it on the east side, and Racetrack Road borders it on the south side. The only entrance is on Racetrack Road. Residents actually drive out of Duval County to enter and leave the development, as the first 500 feet (150 m) of Bartram Parkway is located in St. Johns County.

The Bartram Springs development is a part of the Bartram Park DRI (development of regional impact).

Community Design

Bartram Springs is a total of 1,025 acres (4.15 km2) is size. Single-family homes account for 449 acres (1.82 km2), and another 32 acres (130,000 m2) are multi-family units in the Villages at Bartram Springs. Roads and right-of-way account for 24 acres (97,000 m2), parks and recreation take up 20 acres (81,000 m2), and 471 acres (1.91 km2) remains wetlands and open space. The new elementary school sits on 21 acres (85,000 m2), and 8 acres (32,000 m2) are designated for commercial use.

Original plans called for 1400 single-family homes, and 294 units in the Villages of Bartram Springs.


The development is guided by a CDD (community development district) and an HOA (home owners association). The CDD has authority over the common areas and community property in the development. The HOA enforces the local covenants and restrictions that all homeowners in the development are bound to uphold.

Construction Periods

The single-family units of Bartram Springs were built in six main phases of construction. As of Summer 2009, Bartram Springs is considered built-out, and all of the model homes have been sold.

  • Phase 1A, 225 dwellings
  • Phase 1B, 196 dwellings
  • Phase 2, 78 dwellings
  • Phase 3A, 334 dwellings
  • Phase 3B, 174 dwellings
  • Phase 4, 187 dwellings

Based on public tax records, aerial views and the Plat Books filed with the City of Jacksonville, there are actually 1,381 single-family homes in Bartram Springs.

Lot Sizes

Lots in Bartram Springs are classified based on their frontage. Four sizes were specified: 50 feet (15 m), 60 feet, 70 feet (21 m) and 80 feet (24 m). Many of the corner lots have an irregular shape.

Streets in Bartram Springs

Bartram Springs features 48 individual street names, including the main entrance road. In Phase 1A, 1B and Phase 2, several streets were broken up and given directional suffixes, such as Silver Glen Drive completed in Phase 1A, and Silver Glen Drive East in Phase 1B. Starting with Phase 3A, no more streets were handled this way. Even streets that form a complete loop, such as Bulow Creek Drive, maintain a single name for the whole street.

The speed limit on Bartram Springs Parkway is 40 mph (64 km/h). On Cherry Lake Drive, it is 30 mph (48 km/h). The speed limit is not posted on the remaining streets, however the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. Sidewalks and street lights are present on both sides of the streets.

There is a dedicated bike lane on both sides of Bartram Springs Parkway and both the inner and outer loops of Cherry Lake Drive.

BS bikeLane
Bartram Springs Parkway bike lane
Street Single-family Dwellings Construction Period
Alamosa Circle 65 Phase 4
Aldefer Springs Drive 44 22 in Phase 3A, 22 in Phase 4
Apopka Court 11 Phase 1A
Bartram Springs Parkway 0 Phase 1A
Big Brush Lane 33 Phase 3A
Big Spring Street 34 6 in Phase 2, 28 in Phase 3B
Brush Hollow Road 45 Phase 4
Bulow Creek Drive 77 Phase 3A
Caladesi Court 32 Phase 3A
Cherry Lake Drive East 33 8 in Phase 1A, 25 in Phase 2
Cherry Lake Drive North 21 Phase 2
Cherry Lake Drive West 48 8 in Phase 1A, 8 in Phase 1B, 32 in Phase 2
Chestnut Ridge Court 7 Phase 3B
Courtney Crest Lane 27 Phase 3B
Crab Creek Drive 8 Phase 1A
Dalton Springs Court 14 Phase 1A
Ellisons Cave Lane 3 Phase 3B
Falling Waters Drive 96 56 in Phase 3A, 40 in Phase 3B
Fenney Court 11 Phase 1A
Fern Hammock Drive 33 28 in Phase 1A, 5 in Phase 1B
Fern Hammock Drive North 5 Phase 1B
Fern Hammock Drive West 27 Phase 1B
Florala Court 5 Phase 4
Forest Stump Lane 28 Phase 3A
Ginnie Springs Road 32 Phase 1A
Grassy Hole Court 28 Phase 1B
Green Myrtle Drive 33 Phase 3B
Green Pond Drive 53 Phase 3A
Jamison Court 9 Phase 1A
Kissengen Springs Court 22 Phase 1B
Lake Jessup Drive 28 Phase 1B
Little Springs Court 15 Phase 3A
Lowmoor Way 3 Phase 3A
Magnolia Springs Lane 15 Phase 1A
Magnolia Springs Lane East 17 Phase 1A
Millhopper Road 77 35 in Phase 3A, 42 in Phase 3B
Oleta Way 22 Phase 3B
Palmetto Springs Street 22 Phase 3A
Potter Spring Court 6 Phase 1B
Shadehill Road 40 Phase 4
Silver Glen Drive 28 Phase 1A
Silver Glen Drive East 30 Phase 1B
Silvertip Court 13 Phase 3A
Starbuck Springs Way 29 Phase 1A
Wakulla Springs Road 41 4 in Phase 1A, 37 in Phase 1B
White Tip Road 47 Phase 4
Wind Cave Lane 50 Phase 4
Witherington Lake Court 14 Phase 1A

Streets in the Villages of Bartram Springs

There are two additional streets in the Villages of Bartram Springs. The entrance to the Villages is located about four tenths of a mile from Racetrack Road, on the western side of Bartram Parkway.

The main street is called Bartram Village Drive, and the second street is called Bartram Village Lane.

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