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Batman: The Ride
Batman The Ride SFFT.jpg
Batman: The Ride at Fiesta Texas
General statistics
Type Steel – 4th Dimension – Wing Coaster
Manufacturer S&S – Sansei Technologies
Designer Alan Schilke
Model 4D Free Spin
Lift/launch system Chain lift hill
Height 120 ft (37 m)
Drop 54 ft (16 m)
Length 1,019 ft (311 m)
Speed 38 mph (61 km/h)
Inversions 6 (2 track inversions)
Capacity 720 riders per hour
Height restriction 48 in (122 cm)
Trains 5 trains with a single car. Riders are arranged 4 across in 2 rows for a total of 8 riders per train.
Flash Pass available

Batman: The Ride is a 4D Free Spin roller coaster at two Six Flags parks in North America since 2015. The coasters were designed by S&S - Sansei Technologies, along with Alan Schilke, with the track manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction.

As the name suggests, Batman: The Ride is themed to the DC Comics superhero, Batman.


After months of a teaser campaign for a 2015 attraction, Batman: The Ride was officially announced for Six Flags Fiesta Texas on August 28, 2014. The roller coaster replaced Motorama Turnpike, an original car ride that opened with the park in 1992. Track for Batman: The Ride arrived in February 2015 with the construction of the site well underway for the installation. The roller coaster was completed near the end of March of the same year before opening on May 23, 2015.

Four years later, Six Flags announced another similar coaster with the same theme at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on August 30, 2018. Batman: The Ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, later opened on May 25, 2019.


Riders on Batman: The Ride will begin by climbing along a 120-foot vertical rise. Then zoom over hills while pivoting forward multiple times, before plummeting into a steep raven drop. Next, riders will subsequently change directions and get to enjoy a backwards flip, spinning backwards into another raven drop and then ending with a forward flip. The roller coaster uses an adjustable series of magnetic kickers to allow the cars to spin freely, based on factors such as gravity and rider weight in the cars. The park can adjust the degree of spin based on rider input, which will help them regulate the experience to average rider tolerance over time.


Locations for Batman: The Ride
Park Area Opening date Refs
Six Flags Fiesta Texas Rockville May 23, 2015
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom DC Universe May 25, 2019