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Beast Man
Masters of the Universe character
Created by Mattel
Portrayed by Tony Carroll (1987)
Voiced by John Erwin (1983–1985)
Scott McNeil (2002–2004)
Aliases Raqquill Rqazz
Species Beastman
Gender Male

Beast Man is a fictional supervillain in the toy line and cartoon series Masters of the Universe; the savage right-hand man of Skeletor, he has control over many wild creatures and has brute strength.

2002 revamp and Mike Young Productions animated series

Beast Man returns in the 2002 relaunch of the MOTU toy line and series. Possessing essentially the same design as the classic version of the character, the 2002 Beast Man is depicted as being a physically much larger creature with a hunched back. He is one of the largest revamped villains, rivaled in size only by Whiplash and Clawful. The figure's colour scheme is darkened down slightly, with deeper orange-red fur instead of the vintage figure's bright orange, and dark brown armor in place of the original's red. The figure's arm armor is now molded on (whereas the original's was removable), and now also sports similar armor on his lower legs. The action feature of this new version of the figure is his arms, which swing downwards when a button on his back is pressed. When the Four Horsemen originally designed the new version, they had planned for the figure to have a vocal 'roaring' feature, but this was eventually dropped due to production budget restraints.

His portrayal in the new cartoon series is much the same as the old, although in this incarnation he never shows any signs of desire to overthrow Skeletor, remaining permanently loyal to his "pal". Beast Man is the only entity shown to fully trust Skeletor as a friend, and this trust (if not the respect) is returned in "The Mystery of Anwat Gar" when his master grants him a superweapon. Although he still possesses power over all wild animals, he has difficulty controlling dragons, as is showcased in the episode "Dragon's Brood". Beast Man still carries a whip, but relations with his animals are characterized by mutual affection.

Although his background is not mentioned in the show, the accompanying MVCreations comic series published an origin story for him (as Icons of Evil #1, written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Tony Moore) in which he is revealed to originate from the Berserker Islands, where he first encounters Keldor before his transformation into Skeletor. He has remained subservient to Skeletor ever since he saved his life for the sake of recruiting him as his servant.

Masters of the Universe Classics

The MOTU Classics toyline that started in 2008 includes short character biographies on the backs of the packaging. These merge elements from various incarnations of the franchise with some newly developed information to form a new, distinct "Classics" continuity. Additionally, there are several mini-comics and posters which further add to this new canon.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2012)

The 2012 DC comic borrows a concept created for MOTU Classics, that there is an entire species of creatures called beast men. Beast Man is a member of that species.

Live Action He-Man movie

Beast Man will appear in the Live Action He-Man movie. In the film, he's a savage and powerful foe and will bring a little something different to the table: he’s a shapeshifter with the ability to turn into any type of beast, making him a useful spy for Skeletor as well as a formidable fighter.

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