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Beefwood is the name given to a number of Australian trees which have timber with a red colouration resembling raw beef as follows:

  • Barringtonia calyptrata, also known as Cornbeefwood.
  • Barringtonia racemosa, also known as Cornbeefwood.
  • Bischofia javanica
  • Floydia praealta (Syn.: Macadamia praealta)
  • Grevillea glauca, also known as Beefwood tree.
  • Grevillea parallela, also known as Narrow-leaved Beefwood.
  • Grevillea striata, also known as Western Beefwood.
  • Orites excelsa, also known as White Beefwood.
  • Stenocarpus salignus also known as Killarney Beefwood or Scrub Beefwood.
  • Stenocarpus sinuatus also known as White Beefwood.

Some Casuarinaceae species are also referred to as Beefwoods, Casuarina equisetifolia, Casuarina cunninghamiana, Allocasuarina verticillata, Allocasuarina distyla (Syn.: Casuarina stricta) etc.


  • also Manilkara bidentata and Manilkara spp. from South and Central America and the Caribbean
  • and Swartzia panacoco (Syn.: Robinia panacoco), Swartzia tomentosa, Rhizophora mangle

In German also the term „Pferdefleischholz“; Horseflesh wood or „Bulletrie-, Bolletrieholz“ is given to these woods

Others are:

  • Ardisia escallonioides
  • Guapira fragrans, Guapira obtusata, Guapira discolor
  • Myrsine coriacea (Syn.: Ardisia coriacea)
  • Roupala montana, from Middle America to North South America
  • Schoepfia spp, Schoepfia obovata White Beefwood, Schoepfia schreberi Island Beefwood
  • Zygia latifolia, Clausena anisata, as Horsewood


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