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French, one calls boxe pieds-poings ("feet-fists boxing"), since the years 1980, the combat sports of striking with boxing gloves. These sports are practised in a ring (or on a mat) and belong to the category of sport boxing. The boxers use, according to the regulation, the techniques of leg (kicks and knee kicks), the techniques of arm (punches and elbow strikes) and the techniques of throwing.

Among the most known we have:

  • the American disciplines (American boxing) under three main forms:
    • full contact karate without kicks below the belt,
    • kickboxing with roundhouse kicks in the thighs or American kickboxing,
    • and semicontact or fights in the points (point fighting), a class of karate with gloves and slippers in foam,
  • French boxing (savate), today called "Savate-BF",
  • Japanese kickboxing: kickboxing with direct knee kicks, roundhouse kicks in the thighs (low kick), and with few wrestling catches,
  • two kinds of boxing, where almost everything is permitted, Burmese boxing (lethwei) and Thai boxing (muay thai).

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